Microsoft Updates OneNote for Android and iOS

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Microsoft Updates OneNote for Android and iOS

Microsoft released new versions of OneNote for Android, iPhone and iPad today. The firm is also previewing a coming update for Android Wear that will be available early for those who are interested.

Here’s what’s new.

OneNote for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft previously had separate iPhone and iPad versions of the OneNote app (literally, OneNote for iPhone and OneNote for iPad). But with this update, the firm is releasing a single universal app that works on both (and on iPod touch, too, of course). So now the app is just called Microsoft OneNote in the store. (Or, OneNote for iOS, I guess.) What this means to you is that iPhone users will be able to upgrade automatically to the new version of the app, but iPad users will have to grab it separately from the store. The old iPad version of the app will provide instructions, Microsoft says, but I’m not seeing anything. And oddly enough, when you do grab the new app from the store, it installs next to the old one.

New OneNote features for iPad

Thanks to the unified codebase, iPad users will now benefit from some features that were previously made available on iPhone only, including the OneNote Today widget in the notification center, Recent Notes, page previews, and the document/whiteboard camera.

OneNote for Android

OneNote for Android was recently updated with the ability to move or copy pages from one section or notebook to another section or notebook. Microsoft has also made some stability improvements and fixed various user-reported issues.

OneNote for Android Wear

Finally, Microsoft is previewing what it calls a big update coming soon to the OneNote app for Android Wear. This update will let users view recent notes and tasks on their watch, and while it won’t be in the Google Play Store for a few more weeks, you can join the Beta Community now if you would like. Microsoft says it should be available in a few days.

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