OneNote Updated on Windows, Web, Android and iOS

OneNote Updated on Windows, Web, Android and iOS

Microsoft announced the November updates for OneNote this week, providing new features across multiple platforms, including Windows (desktop), web, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Here’s what’s new.

Embedded video in OneNote 2016. The latest version of OneNote for the Windows desktop gets a new feature: embedded online video. Using the new Online Video button in the Insert ribbon, you can now insert your favorite YouTube, Vimeo and Office Mix content directly into your notes. Microsoft says it will bring embedded video to OneNote Online, Windows 10 (the mobile app), Mac, iOS and Android “over the coming months.”

Audio recording in OneNote on the web. OneNote Online and OneNote for iOS (iPhone and iPad) have been updated to include audio recording capabilities, allowing you to record a speech, lecture, or other event while taking notes.

File attachment support in OneNote Online. The web version of OneNote Online now lets you store file attachments (Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, whatever) right inside your notes.

OneNote badge in Android. I seem to recall seeing this one a few weeks back, but OneNote now supports a unique feature of the Android platform: the ability to place a floating badge (which is a circle) over the home screen or even over other apps. That way, you can “browse the web and write down your quick thoughts or copy/paste without having to move between apps, helping you to stay focused.” Microsoft says it is “rolling out OneNote badge in phases on Android and it may take up to two–three weeks for all of you to get badge.”

Force Touch support on iPhone 6S. For those with an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, OneNote now supports this unique iOS feature: Just press and hold on the OneNote icon on the home screen to access a context menu with New Note, New Photo, and View Recent Notes choices.

Optimized for iPad Pro. Microsoft also says that OneNote is now “optimized for the iPad Pro to take advantage of the new screen resolution and other major capabilities,” which I assume means Split View and Slide Over.


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