Announcing Some Big Changes to

Posted on November 13, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Paul with 126 Comments

Announcing Some Big Changes to

I am very excited to announce some big changes here at that will impact both our Premium and non-Premium readers.

First, the best news of all: We have hired Mehedi Hassan as our new Senior News Editor. If you’re unfamiliar with Mehedi, he’s been writing about all things Microsoft for years, most recently at MSPoweruser. He has a keen eye for news, plus extensive developer experience as well.

This is a big deal on a number of levels. And it goes back to our original goals for the site.

Our intention all along was for to be a team of equals. But I’ve been carrying the torch for a while now, reporting on the news as it happens, providing analysis when warranted, reviewing hardware and software products, researching and writing tips and how-to’s, and more. And, of course, our Premium membership, which requires me to further divide my time between Premium and non-Premium content. Just deciding which content should be Premium, or not, is difficult. I need help.

But I’ve often pointed out how hard it is to find people who can deliver on the high quality that you and I both expect. Brad is such a person, of course, and so is Rafael. But both also have to focus elsewhere besides—Brad at Petri, and Raf at his day job—leaving me as the primary content creator here.

Mehedi is the missing piece of the puzzle. And I am so happy to welcome him to He will be delivering the news every day going forward. This is great for readers: He’s more prolific than I am, but he still provides the type of analysis—the perspective—that places above the copy-and-pasting that most blogs do these days. There will be more news on each day than ever before.

Tied to this is an ongoing concern that our team has had about Thurrott Premium and whether we are providing enough Premium content. Put simply, we are not. So, I will be focusing largely on fixing that problem and providing more value to those readers who think highly enough of us to pay for our work.

That is, most of what I write on going forward will be exclusive to Premium members. However, my reviews and interviews—both of which I will be expanding on—will remain open to everyone. And I’ll still appear on podcasts—First Ring Daily, What the Tech, and Windows Weekly—and on Twitter each day, of course. I’m not going anywhere. (Sorry, Apple.)

I will reach out to Premium members soon via email and a forum post to discuss the content strategy and ensure that I’m delivering what you expect and want. We have some ideas, of course, and we value your feedback too. Together, we’re going to get this right.

I also understand that many non-Premium members will be concerned about their access to me. But I have some good news for you as well.

First, we’re kicking off a holiday promotion for Thurrott Premium today: Through December 31, new subscribers can get a year of Thurrott Premium for just $48, compared to the normal annual price of $64.

And second, we are opening the First Ring Daily podcast to all readers. That is, going forward, First Ring Daily will no longer be exclusive to Premium from Monday through Thursday. (The live show on Friday has always been open to everyone.) We will continue to record the show five days a week, and the Friday show will continue to be live.

This is good news for everyone, including Premium members. Many users have struggled to get the podcast working with their favorites apps because of the paywall block. That will no longer be an issue because First Ring Daily will not be blocked going forward. And while we enjoy making the podcast, it has evolved into a casual, conversational get-together. That is, it’s great, but it’s not necessarily “premium.”

Also, those who are familiar with First Ring Daily will probably agree that the very best part of this show is the comical “Behind the scenes” videos that Brad makes after each of our big trips. Those videos will remain exclusive to Thurrott Premium. It just makes sense.

This is a big day for all of us. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time.

And bringing Mehedi and First Ring Daily to non-Premium members is a win for everyone who visits this site. Everyone gets more content, and I can finally deliver on the Premium membership we’d always envisioned and wanted. It’s exciting and scary, for sure. But I think we’ve found the right way forward. And I’m eager to get started down this new path.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for supporting,


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Comments (126)

126 responses to “Announcing Some Big Changes to”

  1. mahoekst

    congrats, looking forward to even more great content. I am already a fan! :) (yes, even if you are snarky about my product Windows :))

  2. I Khan

    Congratulations on the acquisition and further development of this wonderful platform!!!

  3. wosully

    That's great Paul! Glad you were able to take on this adventure.

  4. rob4jen

    The primary reason for my premium subscription is FRD. I'm interested to see if the non-FRD premium content merits a subscription going forward. Right now it doesn't.

  5. ChuckOp

    Congratulations on growing! I'm happy with the Premium content; my only quibble is that my newsreader forces me to open a new browser window to get to it. Oh well.

  6. lprell

    Great addition and awesome changes! Congrats to the team!

  7. skane2600

    I predict a significant increase in the number of times Paul is addressed in the comments for articles he didn't write. :)

  8. will

    This is a great addition and congrats to Mehedi! I kind of wondered if something was up based on the new headshot and comments last week :)

    The two sites I check daily are Thurrott and MSPoweruser so I look forward to seeing more content and updates across the entire Microsoft line, consumer and business!

  9. isaac

    Congrats guys, great news, keep up the great work!

  10. harmjr

    Welcome Mehedi Hassan hope you will be popping by FRD Lucy and Ethel are great but sometimes we need Fred and Ricky!

  11. Chris_Kez

    Congratulations to Mehedi and the team. I'm excited for this development, both because Mehedi has been writing great stuff for years, and because Paul will now be free to write more of the stuff I'm interested in.

  12. Poppapete

    I am a premium member because I want to watch FRD. So there is no reason for me to be a premium member. I however will not resign as I feel bound to support the team financially.

  13. Chris Payne

    I've never had a premium subscription, but I agree with the sentiment in some of the comments. There's just not anything in those articles that are worth a premium price. There's nothing exclusive in them, and content-length-wise, they seem to be sometimes shorter and less full than the free articles. It seems entirely arbitrary what gets marked as premium these days. I'd love to support Paul, but frankly, I'd get nothing out of paying for premium.

    Exclusive interviews or long in-depth essays would go a long way. As an example, the "Mining Redstone 4" article on top of his site today is premium. I read it as part of my free 3 articles, and I don't know why I bothered. It's just a bunch of screenshots of things that were entirely obvious or covered elsewhere. There's nothing "deep" about it. To me, going "deep" would be analyzing the underlying design language, interviewing designers at Microsoft, talking about the evolution to this latest fluent style from whatever it was before, justifications from Microsoft or cultural trends on why this needed to happen. I.e. critical content. That kind of stuff I would pay for. That's journalism worth paying for. Instead what I got was a "Dick and Jane" short story about mouse-over highlights.

    I know, that kind of content takes a lot of work and access to put together. But it's also rare in the tech world, and therefore worth paying for. I love this site and visit it everyday, respect Paul a lot (despite the snarkiness, hubris, and typos), but the premium program today confuses me and doesn't seem to provide any value. My two cents.

    • Paul Thurrott

      In reply to unkinected:

      "I've never had a premium subscription ... There's just not anything in those articles that are worth a premium price." Gotcha.

      • Chris Payne

        In reply to paul-thurrott:

        No need for the snark Paul, I get 3 free premium articles a month and I think that gives me a fair enough experience to comment on them.

        The article today about trusting Surface is another example of a premium article that shouldn’t be premium. It was a short blog post about your experience with Surface device reliability. I was expecting, being a premium article, a long story about what MS is doing with Surface, the future of the brand, whether we’re safe investing in Surface for the long term, etc. Instead, it was a very anecdotal blurb that offered no new insight. Why is that premium over the Android tracking article?

        i really like this site and what you do - I’m a loyal reader and was hoping you’d take some of my suggestions to heart. I would love to pay for in depth exclusive content from you. But the premium policy today doesn’t make any sense. Best of luck figuring that out.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to unkinected:

      Not dealing with the ads is enough for me. Plus now that Paul has some help maybe the premium articles will get more in depth.

      Yes I know I can add an ad blocker, but that feels like stealing to me.

    • StephenCWLL

      In reply to unkinected:

      Totally agreed. What you said sums up my thoughts about the premium side of thurrott 100%.

      PS - Thanks for saving me the bother of wondering what was in the redstone 4 article :)

  14. brisonharvey

    Any chance you can make premium articles available via Pocket so they load correctly?

  15. polymath

    is that a good icon to represent ,, https://


  16. allanwith

    Hmm, interesting move and also understandable.

    i actually quit reading mspoweruser because their articles were becoming too click-bait-y with content that didn’t match the headlines, well actually it was a single article that drove me, but I had felt like the quality was dropping over a period of time. But let’s welcome Mehedi and give him a chance.

    I haven’t found the premium subscription for compelling enough yet, only rarely using the offer for a limited number of free premium articles. I will buy a subscription for a single year though, mostly because I have consumed much of Paul’s content over the years without paying and feel like I “owe” a bit.

    One comment though:

    drop the separation between premium and normal comments. It doesn’t make sense. The premium paid should be about content from you guys and not about what we as readers are able to contribute with. Only thing premium should enable is commenting on premium articles. That’s just my view.

  17. mattbg

    Nice to see things evolving as you figure out what makes sense. Looking forward to what comes next!

  18. Tom Wilson

    It's a bold strategy Cotton.

    But paying for DIY articles on how some guy is rewiring his house? No thanks.

    There's plenty of free, quality information out there today.

    And it's on sites that haven't had to institute a paywall.

    Au revoir.

  19. George Perry

    Awesome news Paul ! Love the content.

  20. polymath

    well Paul had to retire at some point i suppose will only be true for those who have $$$$

    yet another subscription service, Netflix, google music, spotify

    i gess i'll miss Thurrott, i've been reading his output since the early days of windows.

  21. Jeffsters

    In reply to Stooks:

    I’m Apple user who long ago bought into Apple’s entire ecosystem I always appreciated Paul’s perspective and, while the lens he used to view technology wasn’t the one I used, he made me think and he was just as often, in my eyes, right as he was wrong. He was a great counter balance to the usual. I read him daily, exchanged a few emails, promoted his web site, and even defended him as a good read. Sadly about maybe two years ago his writing became increasingly petty littered with personal insults and just not fun to read any more. What was a daily read for me, and bookmarked, turned into weekly, and after a few months I now come here mostly when linked by something else. It’s sad and unfortunate I sincerely miss that counter to the largely pro-Apple press. In fact a friend of mine at IBM, who previously worked at Apple, sent me a link recently to an article Paul,wrote to which I replied “don’t care what Thurrott thinks” he replied “I thought you liked him!’. I did once. Look I’m sure Paul is a nice guy, fun to have a beer with, but writing today, when it comes to anything Apple, coupled with his tendency to make anti-Apple comments whenever possible, such as the above line about Apple, just turned me off. It’s unfortunate, unnecessary, and shows a bias, that for me, just made it not worth my time to weed through anymore for the gold. I truly love technology, I have an Xbox, I sometimes use a Windows machine, I miss having someone I can trust out there to give me a broader view of what’s out there, who even when I might disagree with them, I was better for reading them. Now we see he’s hired yet another Microsoft focused writer so it’s clear to me that this site isn’t a “Technology Enthusiasts” site at all but just a rebranded Supersite without the loyal opposition slant I so munch appreciated and valued. That’s why I don’t subscribe, I truly wish I wanted to, but all this does is make him, and this site less relevant to me as a “Technology Enthusiast”. I wish him success but it’s just not for me and I really don’t think he gives two $#@!, and that’s fine. Oh... P.S. Still waiting on the coverage of Apple’s Quarterly Earnings!

  22. Trickyd

    I love that I can now watch first ring daily on my smart tv's now that it doesn't need a log on so can be on youtube not vimeo.

  23. Jedi Dwight

    Sounds like a win for super site. I like the idea of more news for the more nitty-gritty front lines of using Windows / MS software that may have been better served by some other sites.

  24. jimchamplin

    I'd really love to see some reviews of Windows Store apps. The Store is important to the future of Windows, so it would be really nice to give some time to the devs who are embracing the modern platform. Personally, I love exploring and finding new software on the app stores, but it can be difficult for a lot of people to find Sturgeon's 10% (90% of everything is crud) so it would be great to see!

  25. LimitedWisdom

    As we're talking about premium - I'd be interested in a Team option of some sort. There's a few folks on the team that I'd love to help follow the latest trends that maybe can't afford this on their own...but we could probably pick up the tab on the prof dev line item of the budget. Would you ever consider such a thing? Dunno, maybe that's nuts.

  26. sentinel6671

    Congratulations Mehedi! Looking forward to reading your work :)

    Paul, my only point of (hopefully) constructive criticism is I wish you'd tone down the anti-Apple bit. I enjoy your "tell it like it is" approach BUT am getting a little tired of the constant Apple negativity. Apple may be boring is dirt, but at the end of the day (and as you've stated repeatedly ) technology choices are personal and a balance of many factors. The tone of your writing on Apple these days basically makes me "rule you out" in terms of receiving a balanced opinion.

    I choose Apple because for me, boring as it may be, their stuff causes fewer headaches in my life. A theme in your Apple writing is that people who use their products are irrationally blind to better choices. I find that kind of insulting. In my cases, I've evaluated the other choices and find that Apple provides me the fewest headaches. Over the years I've had both Android and Apple phones and I concluded that Apple offers a better experience for me. I'm long past the time where I want tech that I have to constantly fiddle with.

    The anti-Apple bit was funny for awhile, but I'm sad that a balanced opinion isn't available here anymore. I hope you'll consider a return to providing a more balanced point of view in your writing about them.

  27. Eric Rasmussen

    Awesome, thanks Paul! I've been reading your articles since the early days of Supersite for Windows, and I always look forward to your perspective on news and new tech. I'm looking forward to reading Mehedi's articles now, too!

    I'm a Windows developer, mostly on. NET now, but I've been programming since Petzold's first Programming Windows book came out. You strike a great balance between the technical perspective a developer has and the real view normal people have. It sounds like Mehedi will fit right in, but the only question I'm still left with: Is he a gamer? :)

  28. louda55

    Looking forward to all the changes! Great work as always!

  29. Brian Devins

    My 2 cents - I love this site and would gladly subscribe for $30/year.

    • The Binary Son

      In reply to demodulated:

      I think a second premium tier, with more articles per month than the free, as well as access to the premium forum and no website throttling, would be more appealing for us filthy casuals. Or even a really cheap tier for just more articles a month. But either way, congrats on the evolution of the site!

  30. RobertJasiek

    As a non-subscriber, maybe my opinion does not count much but here it is anyway:

    For me, what is offered for subscription is not worth the price. I see why it can be worth subscribing for others. To find a subscription justified for the price, I would want to see very much more information new to me that I cannot easily find elsewhere, already know or already have formed as my opinion before. I appreciate Paul Thurrott's clear contribution to formation of opinions but for me it is mostly a matter of entertainment to read, and sometimes participate in, discussions about contrary opinions on tech matters. Subscription of such contents is also worth something but, for me, by far not the set price.

    It has been all too obvious that there have been too few Premium articles for the subcribers. Of course, there should be more for them. This is bad luck for us non-subscribers, but who are we that we could complain? After all, we can still enjoy the free contents, and many thanks for that!

    Apart from price and overall kind of Premium contents (for which I would want a somewhat different variety apparently outside Paul's agenda both on free and Premium articles), there are also two additional things that would still prevent me from subscribing even for an acceptable price: 1) Bugs. Some time in spring 2017, a few bugs were introduced into the home page and they simply persist instead of being eliminated. 2) Pop-up ads. As a non-subscriber, I cannot really complain, can I? However, as a subscriber, I would not always want to be logged in. It is often very convenient to read without first logging in. I would be faced with the same annoying pop-up ads. This is not how (potential) customers should be treated anywhere. I perfectly understand the necessity for ads but they absolutely must be unobtrusive. This also means that they must not be related to bugs.

    Paul Thurrott's contribution to the internet is valuable but he should consider overcoming the mentioned problems.

    • Chris_Kez

      In reply to RobertJasiek:

      Can I ask why you wouldn't want to be logged in?

      • RobertJasiek

        In reply to Chris_Kez:

        For all websites, I dislike permanent, automatic login. Everywhere, I prefer manual on-visit login so that I always know when I am private versus site-public. The consequence is that I need to login to every site each time when necessary but I live with this consequence. I sometimes prefer to visit a site in read-only, private mode. At other times, I prefer login to use a site's advanced features (such as discussing on a site requiring a login, for a site where I have agreed to register). Visting a site and staying private has these advantages: 1) the site should not always know when I visit it so that it does not control my browsing behaviour too much and 2) the convenience of not spending login time. (As you might guess, I am not registered at Facebook or Twitter - sites designed as permanent privacy violation.)

        • Chris_Kez

          In reply to RobertJasiek:

          Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I'm guessing you're also not a user of LastPass or other password managers (or saving credentials in the browser). Can you tell me more about #1, sites controlling browsing behavior? I know Facebook and Twitter try to serve up personalized feeds; is the kind of thing you have in mind? Are there other sites doing that? Or are there some other broader concerns you have in mind?

          I haven't personally given up on Facebook or Twitter, but I do avoid the Facebook app on mobile; instead I use the web if I want to check my timeline. For Twitter I've always used third party clients (currently Fenix on Android). The other site I wonder about from a privacy standpoint is LinkedIn. I will sometimes use that in a private browser window.

          • RobertJasiek

            In reply to Chris_Kez:

            I do not use password managers. I prefer to remember passwords and enable myself to do so by using structures of password composition for my non-critical passwords (such as for typical web 2.0 sites without greater importance). The few critical passwords I can also remember.

            I cannot know every site's behaviour of controlling browsers but I (sometimes) assume the worst case (secret services or criminals hack the site), assess the related risk and prefer to use a defensive behaviour of only logging in when necessary etc. Uhm, I admit: I might be too lazy to log out at times.

            For me, the question is not whether currently I expect a site to do something but to always be aware of the worst case. You know, at no site would I tell a trusted person my secret critical passwords because any site could be hacked some time, even if the site is operated by the trusted person at his own home server.

            Of course, there are sites (such as Facebook) with earned bad reputation about disrespect of privacy and privacy laws. For them, I assume even worse cases.

            My broader concerns include human rights and laws. Any site to which I register I must trust with respect to these concerns or, where my trust is limited, I limit my activity accordingly.

            Private browsing window? On my Windows PC: always.

  31. NoFlames

    I don't begrudge Paul and company to try and find a business model that supports great content. It's pretty daring move and they get props for that. I like reading Paul's opinions but paying for them I'm not so sure. I will try the free site with the few premium articles included for free like I have been. If the quality and depth of the premium articles increases from where they are now, then I'm more likely to subscribe. If he has exclusive content not easily gleaned from other sites that's where the value is for me.

  32. jecouch66

    I would have subscribed whether it was divided into premium or not. My decision was based on the fact that I'd been reading Paul's stuff for years and he was making this his business and I wanted to support him because I trust his opinion and like his humor. Trusting anyone in media is difficult because everyone seems to have an agenda. Paul reports it as he sees it regardless of who it is and I appreciate that approach. Doesn't mean I always agree, but I do always enjoy the perspective. That trust and perspective is what I pay for, not the length or number of articles. (That will always balance out)

    I really enjoy those commenters who don't feel the content is worth paying for, but do seem to feel it's important enough to let everyone else know. Seems a bit insulting to me. And by enjoy i mean find annoying. ?

  33. gvan

    I will look forward to seeing Mehedi and Brad stuck in some horrible airport delay soon. I love those episodes of First Ring Daily! HeHeHe...

  34. LimitedWisdom

    Hey Paul,

    Some of these comments your direction were a bit rough! I'm glad you have thick skin.

    So that you know, I've been trying to justify (in my own mind) premium for a while now. I'm actually in the process of dumping a TON of recurring subscriptions - we all have a bunch we never use. It's caused me to really try to find value before spending a single dollar.

    While looking at all the subscriptions I'm cutting, I kept thinking about your site. I've received SO much value from your perspective, your writing, and your podcasts, upgrading to premium is a no-brainer - if for no other reason that to simply support your work. No joke, what you do has enhanced my career. It's worth noting, your sarcasm and cynicism are also appreciated: my friends "love" those qualities about me too!

    With this announcement, you've made my decision easy. I'm looking forward to seeing how premium evolves.

    Thanks for the work you do and the care you put into this site.

    **Excuse me while I go upgrade my account...**

  35. Andrew Payne

    Paul this is a great move. I think focusing on the places you add the most value is smart. Mehedi will do a great job with the news. I have nearly pulled the trigger on premium a bunch. I think I will at this new price point. Truthfully I listen to you more than read. The premium is just about supporting the work.

    I have transitioned to android and Microsoft services are not as important to me now. I enjoy that you are increasingly covering tech on general. I would enjoy a real deep dive into Google vs Microsoft from a consumer online services perspective. You have written a lot in the past but I think your perspective on the services, browsers, privacy and hardware in 2017 would be great.

  36. claren44

    Thanks for continuing to improve info for both us Premium & non-Premium people. You are amazing Paul!

    As for the former supersite, I’ve found that the “availible for eternity” promise of the Internet ain’t necessarily so. lol

    Witness my former internet radio station, GeoCities site, & my soon to be empty Flickr account (thanks Verizon!), Plus ca change...

  37. Roger Ramjet

    Premium subscriptions are a tough business in today's highly competitive online world. For a rough guide of what might work, look at WSJ vs. NYT, both flagship publications, but the model works better (but not even perfect) at WSJ because they provide information that people make money off of or that keeps them up to date at their high paying jobs, while NYT is mostly general interest & enrichment. I would therefore think that has a better value proposition for subscriptions than Thurrott (based on my take on their respective audiences), and they probably already do that, I don't go there too many times since I am not in Tech industry.

    Now if PT is going to be focused in his transition on things that are deeply targeted at IT Admins, Coders etc (and this information is superior, more timely, etc to things they can easily find by clicking elsewhere), then the move should work for picking up subscribers. Otherwise, if this information is still going to be more for enthusiasts generally, I would follow the Google model, try and get as much distribution as you can (I still don't see that many Thurrott articles placed on say Bing news or Google news for example, but maybe because I have not set up my feed to look up tech publications specifically), and optimize the Ad placements, sponsorships, affiliate relations etc. I wouldn't listen to people who complain about any of these or other reasonable revenue generation policies. If you are not paying the freight, you need to realize the people working there need to make a living.

  38. pecosbob04

    "of course. I’m not going anywhere. (Sorry, Apple.)"

    Other than quoting a comment of yours in a keynote once, I have never seen any evidence that Apple cares one way or the other if you go or stay.

    • Stooks

      In reply to pecosbob04:

      Yeah coming off their best quarter ever, before they even sold one iPhone X, I am sure they are thinking "If Paul Thurrott would just go away".

      I have been reading Paul's stuff on and off for at least a decade now. In the early days he would bash on Apple oh so much. He would somehow bring Apple into almost any article. Then that kind of dried up for him, somewhere between the time Apple passed Microsoft terms of revenue and profit and when it was announced that iPhone revenue alone was more than all Microsoft products combined. Maybe he had too much humble pie? Or the claim chowder was getting cold?

      Now his bashing and snarky comments seem to be targeted at Microsoft, especially when compared to his new darling Google.

      In either case the attitude is a turn off to me. Combined with not much "premium" content that I can't find almost any other place for free has kept from being a premium sub. Oh well, more time with the Verge and Neowin for me.

      Peace Out!

  39. unfalln

    As I'm outside of the timezone I rarely if ever get up at 3am to watch any live video. I would appreciate FRD as an audio podcast as it would be easier to listen to. I regularly listen to WW over the weekend while mowing, cleaning, exercising, etc.

    My primary benefit of Premium though is the RSS feed that is choc-full every morning when I first wake up. Although I value your current premium personal opinion pieces, reviews, etc, and they are often cited during discussions around my workplace, my favourite suggestion for increasing value on this site would be a bit more of the "advance notice" of products and services. Your insight into the future of the tech industry is what I'd most appreciate being formalised and by far the greatest reason for me throwing wads of cash (read: handful of coinage) in your general direction.

    If you want a really big, aspirational project for premium members, perhaps you could try implementing a big timeline/pinboard thing where you could have notes/articles about when you expect future developments!

    But back to earth. My only complaint is could you please, please, please include some more RSSey way to consume the ThurrottNow section as I rarely see it when using direct links to articles. The few times I have noticed it, there have been days-weeks-months of little tidbits there and navigating the calendar is a nightmare.

  40. jboman32768

    I listen to FRD audio-only as a podcast, as well as others like the verge cast. One thing I noticed about the verge cast was that they switched back from video to audio because it made the quality better and allowed them to focus more on the content. Perhaps this could be a strategy for FRD to switch to audio-only so you guys can concentrate less on your lighting, webcams, and what your car is doing in the background - which are all not very interesting for audio-only paid subscribers.

    I realise not everyone would be in favour of this - just putting my opinion out there.


  41. cawoodstock

    Excited to hear about these changes. I've enjoyed the evolution of the Thurrott site over time. Keep up the great work!

  42. Norboii

    Great to hear! Looking forward to reading Mehedi his posts here now.

  43. kherm

    Thank you SO MUCH for making FRD Free. I used to waste all of my 3 free articles every month on those videos, so this is FANTASTIC news

  44. woelfel

    Congrats Mehedi! I see Paul has been recruiting the best to his site. Good stuff. :)

  45. Arvind Mehra

    Hiring Mehedi, I'm not sure that's the best idea. Read this first before saying that I'm wrong. Paul, I'm sure you and your team have thoroughly interviewed and checked his previous work before hiring him. The only reason I'm skeptical is due to his tendency to write Microsoft favouring articles. You, on the other hand are largely unbiased. I enjoy your articles and podcasts because you are very fair to all companies, be it Apple, Google or Microsoft. Make sure this doesn't go away.

  46. CurtK

    I dropped mine because all the coverage seems to have gotten so snarky/negative. I get it's 'fun' to make fun of people, products and MS punching itself in the face (who wouldn't?), but a lot of us use this stuff. A little snark goes a long way.

    Just got tired of being called stupid for liking/using MS products on what was a site that covers MS. I get it. Maybe will try again, I generally like a lot of their coverage of news, and they have a lot of smart reporting here without the clickbait. I just need to brace myself better I guess. The actual core of the news here is top notch (see, that's a shout out to you iPhone guys :) ).

  47. Jason Honingford

    I'm not sure if I need Windows news that badly, but I sure agree that there are plenty of "news" bloggers that just copy other people's work. We need to enhance the word "plagiarize" to include those who DO give credit to the author, but are still passing it off as their own since they paraphrased the entire article.

    • MikeGalos

      In reply to ThatMouse:

      We also shouldn't call cutting and pasting out of a press release "journalism" nor expect people to pay (either directly or via ads) for content that was provided for free by a corporate PR department and reprinted without any value added by the "journalist".

      • Paul Thurrott

        In reply to MikeGalos:

        A PR person literally told me this past week that "copy and paste" is what they want. They don't want anyone to think about what they're selling, just repeat it.

        Obvious in retrospect, I know. But troubling.

        • Mestiphal

          In reply to paul-thurrott:

          Sadly you see that in everything now days. Makes me sick to turn on the news on tv and see a damn twitter post and the news anchor talking about the issue. what happen with actual reporters that took a microphone and asked questions

        • rameshthanikodi

          In reply to paul-thurrott:

          Many PR releases get twisted to ridiculous extents, which is why I imagine they want news outlets to just give people the news - their statements - without the spin. But there are many sites that don't spin, like this one. Some sites put a link to the full press release or add it to the end of their articles, which I think is a win-win solution.

  48. StephenCWLL

    I shall miss Paul's articles but I'm sure Mehedi will be steaming out so many articles that Paul will quickly become a distant memory ;) Oh wait, Windows Weekly, Twitter and his name in titlebar :d

    I've never been tempted by Premium and these changes don't swing it enough for me still. Sorry. I hope though that more subscribers sign up though.

    First Ring Daily; listened to Friday show a few times but it's was far too random and chatty for me without being focussed.

  49. chrisrut

    Congrats to all! And welcome, Mehedi!

  50. krisarthur

    To me sounds like great news! Good changes!

  51. Skolvikings

    I dropped my Premium subscription because I wasn't finding value in it. I don't participate in the forum and there weren't many articles here that were premium-only. Not enough to justify a yearly subscription. If this announcement was made 2 months ago, I might have made a different decision. This is good news for Premium subscribers and may get me to resub.

  52. gregsedwards

    Wow! As a long-time reader of MSPowerUser and a follower of his on Twitter, I'm already familiar with Mehedi Hassan and his quality of work. I'm excited to see his unique perspective on the site. Now get Mary Jo on board! ?

    I'm also excited that FRD is going free. I'm a paying subscriber (and I'll continue that next year), but I have struggled getting the podcast to work seamlessly with the built-in Windows Mobile Podcasts app. It works, but it won't cache my credentials, so I have to enter them. Every. Single. Time. Even if I'm not specifically browsing FRD. Seems like every time the Podcasts app refreshes its feeds, it hits the paywall and requests my username/password. So I'm glad that will be simpler.

  53. mmcpher

    This sounds good and will add general and premium value and give you guys some flexibility and variety. Good luck. This makes renewal a no-brainer. I do hope that you will conflate Premium and Standard Comments in the future.

  54. Bart

    Four Microsoft heavy-hitters, in one place. Nice!

  55. Dale

    For what you do in all of your different positions, I thank you. I would gladly pay for a premium membership even if it didn't get me anything extra. Just the daily information that is available is enough.

    Keep up the good work.

  56. navarac

    I look forward to developments. Welcome Mehedi, I shall get more addicted to the site, if that's possible.

  57. madthinus

    I also think that with more news coming to the site ThurrottNow can be a good way to deliver some of that. I hope we can get the design of that sorted so that it is continuous stream.

  58. Bats

    So this is where Hassan ended up.

    Lol. I subscribe to MSPoweruser via RSS and I saw his goodbye letter.

    Thank goodness he came to instead of Windows Wacky people Central ( Those guys are horrible.

  59. Demileto

    So, when I click on "Upgrade to Premium" I see the new $48 holiday promo ad but when I go to the checkout page it still mentions the $64 standard price. Which value will I be effectively charged, after all?

  60. Hal9000

    Never hard of that guy, but hey, what you write makes sense and I'm sture he will be a great addition :)

  61. crmguru

    Congrats! Great way to grow the brand. I love it. You guys are well worth the extra few bucks. I love the model. I know you will get haters. Ignore them... you guys are doing well. Keep it up.

  62. christoph_fer

    Clickbait articles in 1, 2, 3...

  63. Japser

    This is rather sad news for me. I come to this site because I love reading Paul's articles, and now these are all going to be Premium. And being a student, I cannot afford paying for Premium :(

  64. warren

    Mehedi will be writing here? That's great!!

  65. madthinus

    I think making FRD open to all is a great way to pull people from other sources. Smart move. Also give sponsors better exposure.

  66. Elindalyne

    Will you still be using Vimeo for FRD or are you going to Youtube/Live?

  67. EZAB

    Any deals for renewals who took advantage of last years Holiday promotion for Premium @ $48.00? Maybe a Black Friday renewal?

  68. madthinus

    It is almost fitting that you announce this today. The Supersite is no more as of today.

  69. LuxuryTravelled

    Congrats Paul & Brad. Great news.

    Quick question - for FRD, will you offer video as well as audio on podcast feed?

  70. Michael Sorrentino

    Hey Paul, just a thought but perhaps you should consider a cheaper mid-tier for those of us who want access to the premium articles but do not care about the rest of the premium benefits.

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