Announcing New Thurrott Premium Pricing

Posted on May 1, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Paul with 58 Comments

Good news! We’ve lowered the price of Thurrott Premium from $64 per year to $55 per year.

To be clear, this is good news for everyone.

If you’re an Alpha member—someone who joined Thurrott Premium in mid-2016 before it officially launched—we are now guaranteeing that you will always get the lowest pricing. Right now, that pricing is $42 per year, the Alpha renewal price that we offered last year. So the next time you renew, that is the price you’ll get.

For other Premium members, $55 is the new annual price, and the monthly price remains at $7 (which is $84 per year). That’s a nice drop from $64 per year.

But making this change does introduce a few wrinkles, which depend on when your renewal time comes.

If you just renewed Thurrott Premium—meaning since April 1, 2018—we are going to give you a prorated refund. The amount of that refund will vary depending on when you renewed and when you contact us, but we’re sending out emails to those who qualify. Because of some complicated back-end billing issues, you’ll have to step through a process where we cancel your old subscription and create a new one. But the net effect is that you will emerge on the other side with a refund.

Other Premium members will receive a renewal email 30 days before their renewal date. This means you can take advantage of the new $55 annual pricing starting at that time. And if you do so before that renewal date, you will receive a prorated discount for the next year. This discount will vary depending on when you renew, of course. But you will also have to step through that same process where your old subscription is canceled and a new one is created. The net effect here is that your renewal will cost $55 (or less, depending on when you do it).

The issue with this subscription cancelation/creation is that your payment provider may send you an email explaining that your Thurrott Premium subscription has ended. (This varies by the payment provider, and we can’t control this, sorry.) Remember, however, that you’ve also created a new subscription, so you’re all set moving forward.

Be sure to check out our Thurrott Premium FAQ for a bit more information about why we need to cancel/create your subscription. We believe we’ll never need to do that again, but the end result is solid: You’re saving money. And new Premium members, of course, will never need to deal with this.

Moving Thurrott Premium to this new pricing model has been a difficult process thanks to the back-end billing issues I mentioned above. And I would be remiss not to thank Tim, in particular, for his hard work in making this come together. Thanks, too, to Tina, Stephanie, Brad, and everyone else at BWW Media Group who toiled over this project. I think we’ll all be happy to put this one in the rear-view mirror.

Finally, thanks to everyone who reads You folks are why I get up in the morning, and I really appreciate your support.




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