Ask Paul: May 18 (Premium)

This was sort of a short week from a free time perspective, so this is sort of a short Ask Paul as well. Let's dive in...
Thurrott Now as a PWA?
jmeiii75 asks:
Hi Paul. In regards to Thurrott Now: Have you ever considered trying to make it a little PWA?
I'm not sure Thurrott Now is a great candidate for a PWA: This is really about pointing to topics that were covered elsewhere but I'm not going to write-up myself. So most of the data is about other sites.

I do need to get moving on creating my own PWAs though. This is a bit tricky since you actually need a website and it's not like I can start experimenting with I'll talk to Tim about maybe building out a sub-domain that I can tinker with. Or I could maybe just use one of the other domains I already own.
Developer conversations from Build
Chris_Kez asks:
Any plans to write a post about your conversations with developers at Build? I'm really curious if there is any kind of meaningful core of developers who have the talent and inclination to bring Microsoft's vision to life, whether it be PWA's, intelligent edge, voice, AI/ML, AR/VR, etc.
No, I didn't have enough in-depth, on-the-record conversations with developers at the show to warrant any posts. But I do plan to speak to the PWA guys from Microsoft soon.

I am very interested in the developer stuff in general, though, and I am curious how Microsoft's new direction matches (or doesn't) expectations. I have a few friends I can ask about this.
BWW calendar?
harmjr asks:
So is there anyway we can get a calendar to show when you and Brad are off at shows and stuff or when some of the major tech events are?
Hm. I will ask Brad about this, but it sounds like the type of thing we'd forget about too easily. The next event I know we'll both be at is Microsoft Ignite, which is in Orlando in September. I can try to be better about posting heads-up to these trips here on the site.

UPDATE: Brad says, "I can't even keep my own calendar up-to-date." :)
Surface Hub 2 and the future of Windows
will asks:
With the Surface Hub 2 announcement this week, we got to see a very fluid version of Windows. The beautifully animated moving videos for the login screens, the fluid design of the popup windows, and the ease of use for logging in and getting access to your data from Timeline. While the Hub versions of Windows are locked down to only allow certain apps and functions to work, I am curious if this is where Windows for the desktop is headed and what Microsoft would like Windows to become?
I was just contacted by someone with knowledge of the Surface Hub 2 operating system, so I will try to find out soon. But as you may be guessing yourself, the addition of per-person authentication makes the Surface Hub 2 much more like a traditional Windows PC, and I think this is indeed a hint about the future of the platform. Given the timing, I bet this is a Redstone 6 (1903)-era thing, so that might explain the lack of info on the so...

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