Take Our First Survey for a Chance to Win a Surface Go

Posted on August 22, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Paul with 41 Comments

We’re now hosting our first-ever reader survey and if you’re interested in participating, you could win a Microsoft Surface Go.

This is the type of thing we’ve done in the past over at Thurrott.com’s sister site, Petri. In fact, we’re offering a similar survey there now as well. But with the world changing as fast as it is these days, we decided we need to take a step back and see where we’re at from a content perspective here on Thurrott.com.

It used to be easier.

When I first started writing professionally in the mid-1990’s, Microsoft wasn’t just the center of personal technology, it was personal technology. And so I wrote about Microsoft and Microsoft-adjacent products and services. But in recent years, of course, things have changed. And personal technology is today a more heterogeneous thing, with Apple, Google, Samsung, and many smaller companies all vying for their share.

As such, the content on Thurrott.com has evolved to meet the expanding needs of our readers. Yes, I still approach the world with my Microsoft background as perspective, as I think many readers do. But we need to branch out, and we have. The goal with this survey is to make sure we’re doing that in a way that best meets the needs of our readers.

So here goes nothing.

You can find the 1st annual Thurrott.com Reader Survey here. It should take 5-7 minutes to complete, and it will be available through September 2. The Surface Go winner will be announced here on September 14.

Thanks! –Paul

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Comments (41)

41 responses to “Take Our First Survey for a Chance to Win a Surface Go”

  1. jcbeckman

    Isn't this the device you just got through telling us wasn't any good? <g>. That's ok, I'll still take it if I win it. But I want to know what there was not spot for "none" for music service. Some of us just *buy* our music.

    • Rick Foux

      In reply to jcbeckman:

      *Offered a chance to win something for free. Still complains.*

    • GarethB

      In reply to jcbeckman:

      Yes within a few hours we see:

      The performance is terrible and, worse, the battery life is laughable. Also, its small size relegates Surface Go to children, virtually all of whom would be better off with less expensive and more powerful devices like the iPad.

      And then it's all "come over here and do this work to for a chance to win one". Mmmm...

    • wright_is

      In reply to jcbeckman:

      Same here, I don't use any music service. I have a thousand or so CDs, another couple of hundred vinyl albums and some old cassettes, somewhere. But that said, I probably listen to less than 10 minutes of music a month, these days. 99.9% of my listening is Audible or podcasts.

  2. BillBecker

    Good survey but I look in vain for a chance to provide feedback on the site, on Windows Weekly, and on Paul's take on technology. All are great! One thing I suggest, - a lower fee to subscribe. Even the discounted $48/year is a bit rich for me. I'd gladly pay $20/year for non-premium access plus a dozen premium articles per year.

  3. Rob_Wade

    Some of the questions were frustrating because they had a level of specificity that EXCLUDED choices. For example, ever question that had answers the ONLY specific iOS and Android. Any answer for TABLETS excluded Windows. Any answer for smartphones only included iPhone and Android....yes, a handful of us are still using Windows.

    • roastedwookie

      In reply to Rob_Wade:

      Because windows tablets are not tablets, are 2in1s with a mediocre tablet mode, and phones, who cares about the remaining 0.00000001% delusional ones still using a winjunk 10 mobile phone

      • RobertJasiek

        In reply to roastedwookie:

        There are good Windows tablets from better manufacturers than Lenovo & Co. When some useful Windows tablet appears, I want to see reviews. Same for 2-in-1s. Therefore, I missed both options in the survey. For several questions, a miscellaneous option is missing. As much as I appreciate a chance to win something, I dislike surveys that miss some relevant questions and answers so only produce prejudiced results. Not everybody is an IT professional (not even among the Petri readers) but there are also private power users or ordinary users among us. Not everybody buys media from streaming services but some buy physical media or none.

  4. NoFlames

    Survey was easy, and I'm glad that an actual date is set for the announcement. Often with giveaways or drawings you are always left wondering if it happened or not.

  5. MacLiam

    So even though I was a Day One buyer of the Go and am finding it extremely useful at levels appropriate to its capacity, I said I would like to be considered for the giveaway. Just greedy, I guess. Too much of anything is always enough.

    Your survey is probably good enough to provide a reasonably accurate profile of your readership, but it forced me into some replies that may seem inconsistent. I'm older, retired, interested in IT, and have some cred among friends and family when it comes to device and service recommendations. Sometimes I just fix their devices myself when they get into a bad patch.

    Thurrott and Petri are both pretty good, and they are my primary daily stops for reliable info. Sites like the X-Central group and similar but smaller efforts are occasionally informative, but often just struggle to fill up screen space to look different on a day-to-day basis. Keep up the good work.

  6. rmazur3066

    My pleasure Paul. Thanks for efforts that you and the whole Thurrot team with providing great content.

    Working MaCungie today. Wow, water damage all over and caught me by surprise today. Crazy Pennsylvania weather this year.

  7. justme

    My only observation about the survey is that there is no provision for multiple OS households . As someone who currently works remotely, I have three in regular use, four if you count my wife’s iPad. A few years ago that may have not meant much. Today, however, it does.

  8. bbold

    Did both surveys. Thanks for including us as readers in the evolving of Thurrott.com and Petri! You guys are great and I love reading and/or watching. Very useful! A+

  9. hrlngrv

    I can understand Petri asking for Company, but why thurrott.com which is presumably targeted at individuals/consumers?

  10. wright_is

    Filled it out, but one problem, which "music service do you use" - I don't use any, but I had to select one, or I couldn't submit the form! I selected other and entered "None" as the service.

  11. StevenLayton

    For all of the people complaining about the prize is a Surface Go, relax, the odds are against you winning it anyway. And should you win and don't want it, you can always give it away, or sell it. Paul won'y force you to use it.

    The point of doing the survey is to help the site and its communities. Complaining about the prize you might win for doing so seems petty.

    • markld

      In reply to StevenLayton:

      I am one of those complainers, I think your point is arguable.

      I just like Paul and Thurrott.com so much I found it ironic that the Surface Go was chosen as they themselves ripped into it.

      It's no big deal either way as this site is my number one read everyday and I'm glad I was able to help them by taking a survey.

  12. RamblingGeek

    Done.. Thanks!

  13. Brockman

    Paul: The Surface Go is terrible; not good for anyone!

    Also Paul: Please take our survey to win a Surface Go!

  14. markld

    I like the Surface Go for many reasons. However, it's performance of running a single app at a time or its battery life are major detractors. I took the survey, however, I find it ironic that I don't think I'd want it now. If I win, do I give it back or do I give it away?

    Maybe if you did something like, if you took survey we will pay you can win a surface pro at 50% off, I'd look forward to that possibility.

    Guess I'm wanting to say be careful what you choose to give out as a possible prize for taking a survey next time.

    Maybe you chose the prize before you or Brad had a chance to use it.

  15. DaddyBrownJr

    Who won this? I didn't se any announcement.

  16. thalter

    I assume you will post the results after the survey closes? Curious to see what everyone else here does and uses.

  17. irfaanwahid

    Done Paul!

    Hope Surface Go it's on its way to Nairobi!!!! ?

  18. StevenLayton

    I'll do the survey to help you guys out regardless, but is the prize open to the UK?

    Edit - Just completed. The survey was pain free!

  19. MikeGalos

    Typo: I'm pretty sure AIX isn't made by IMB.

  20. madthinus

    The question on Music services, an option for none would have been useful.

  21. Nic

    Survey limiting to just one version of Windows in use should really be multiple selections.

  22. hrlngrv

    I tried the survey. Most questions have multiple check boxes but the survey errors out on most if more than one entry is checked. You couldn't have used radio buttons?

  23. StephenCWLL

    Question 15 says:

    15. If you do work in an IT or IT-like capacity, which functional role(s) do you perform at work (choose all that apply)

    Which suggests that if you don't work in either capacity you can ignore this question, however, if you try to submit survey without choosing an answer to this question it tells you that you have to.

  24. Polycrastinator

    Done. Thanks for the opportunity.

  25. T182

    Happy to help!

  26. matthewh12

    The surface go you said sucked!? no thanks

    • Steven Lendowski

      In reply to matthewh12:

      Yeah, i just read Paul's (great) Article on the Surface Go and the new Snapdragon Chips. The PC that can only handle on app.

      I was seriously considering to buy it. But i came to my senses. And i guess, i will for the very first time buy an Apple product, the 50% cheaper (here in GER) and more powerful ipad. And THAT says something.

      EDIT: Typo

      • bbold

        In reply to AllThisEv1l:

        I would say to use the device yourself if possible, and also read other reviews, such as the one at Windows Central. I love my Surface Go and I am actually running 6 apps at once on the 8gb model and everything is snappy. Just sayin'! Its amazing. I would say as long as you aren't expecting to do heavy duty work on it, the Surface Go will fit most average consumer needs perfectly fine. I use mine for both work and school. Had to switch to 10 Home (takes 5 seconds) but all is well.

  27. wosully

    Glad you are open to reader comments and really enjoy the site, Paul!

  28. MityK

    "Surface Go winner will be announced here on September 14"

    Looks like nobody win it ;-)