Ask Paul: June 28 (Premium)

Happy Friday! Here’s another great round of reader questions to carry us into the weekend, and into the end of June.
19H2 = 1903 + the new Microsoft Edge?
chrishilton1 asks:

Will 1909, 19H2, or whatever it's called, be specifically aimed at releasing (cr)Edge onto Windows 10, given the mystery around what it is going to be?

That’s an interesting theory. And that’s all we really have right now, since Microsoft is not discussing this release in any official capacity.

I had previously offered up the possibility that 19H2 would basically be an “R2” or Service Pack-type release for 1903, basically that version plus all subsequent cumulative updates and app updates, but packaged together and serviced longer to businesses. Or, perhaps that it will also include some early 20H1 features that are ready and/or don’t have dependencies in that future release. Your idea maps nicely to either, assuming we believe that the new Edge will be “done” or in some good state by September. That seems both reasonable and plausible.
European travel tips
drjohnnyray asks:

My wife and I are going on our first trip to Europe next fall (Rome). As a frequent European traveler, any sage words of advice for the first timer??

Why, yes I do. :) And congrats: We’re eager to get back to Rome ourselves. (We’ve only been once, in 2007.)

First, be sure to get the Rick Steves guidebook for Rome. Depending on when you travel, the current edition might be up-to-date; it was published in September 2018 and the next update arrived in October 2019. I strongly recommend following all of his advice.

I also would like to echo what a few readers responded with, which is that learning basic Italian phrases is key, though in Rome, most of the people you will interact with will speak English too. Expanding on that, be sure to understand local customs (and the Rick Steves book covers this). For example, what the tipping policies are for restaurants, taxis, and so on. Don’t be an ignorant American and tip 20 percent if the expectation is for minimal or no tipping. (They get paid a living wage there, unlike in the U.S.)

Also echoing another bit of reader feedback, be careful about pickpockets and scams in Rome. This is the only place I’ve ever been pickpocketed in all of my trips to Europe. (But not my only experience with theft; I had an iPhone stolen as part of a scam in Lisbon as well.) There are ways to prevent or lessen the risks of pickpocketing, such as using a money belt and not putting all of your cash/cards in one place. If the weather is right, a jacket with internal pockets is ideal.

Don’t be put off by the pickpocket/scam stuff. Rome is amazing, from the food to the sights to the people. You’re going to love it.
Dreaming in code
WP7Mango asks:

When programming or coding, what language do you actually think in? The reason I ask is that your superb programming articles got me thinking about how programming languages are ...

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