Ask Paul: February 28 (Premium)

Happy Friday, and Happy Leap Year! Here’s a new Ask Paul to start off the weekend, and that extra day of February.
Living with…
Dan1986ist asks:

Any plans to do a living in Windows 10X series whenever actual hardware with Windows 10X is available?

Yes! I wish I could try this right now. Maybe Microsoft will begin testing the 10X UI in Windows 10 version 20H2, though I’ve heard that they’re waiting to see how well it does with 10X before even thinking about porting it over.

And simont asks:

Are you still planning on doing a living with iPad only series?

I wasn’t, but with the news that Apple is allegedly planning on releasing a keyboard cover with a trackpad for the next iPad Pro, I’m suddenly interested again. I would buy such a device immediately to test that, yes.
Surface Pro X
paulkbiba asks:

90% of my needs are fulfilled by a Chromebook Go. However it would be nice to have a more rounded device. Leaving price aside, what do you think of using a Surface Pro X as a "souped up" chromebook. The form factor is appealing and the inclusion of cellular is, for me, a big plus in my particular situation. I am concerned, however, with Microsoft's continual buggy updates and that makes me think that I should stay away from the Windows platform altogether. Thoughts?

I don’t have any issues with Windows as a platform, I assume that’s obvious. And I like the Surface Pro X as a form factor, it’s more modern and sleek than the older Surface Pro 7-style design. That said, those devices are tablets, and I don’t think they meet most people’s needs. A “normal” Windows 10 laptop or convertible makes a lot more sense to me. A lot more.

The biggest issue I have with Surface Pro X is that it utilizes Windows 10 on ARM, which is increasingly pointless in my view because of its compatibility problems, which will never be fully solved, certainly not anytime soon, and its lingering performance issues. And the Surface Pro X, in particular, doesn’t even benefit from the great battery life of other ARM-based PCs. There are many, many Intel-based notebooks/convertibles that are 100 percent compatible with everything, have normal to superior performance, and have the same or better battery life than the Pro X. And they are no more expensive. I cannot recommend that device to anybody.

I’ve not yet published my review, but I took an HP Spectre x360 13 to New York this week, and I was impressed by its performance, battery life (9+ hours so far on average), and portability. This PC starts at just $1099, compared to $1299 for a Pro X with the same configuration, though, no, the HP doesn’t have cellular. Just connect your phone: One of the hidden gotchas of cellular connectivity---including the Pro X, and I just talked to someone about this yesterday, is that disabling it entirely will improve battery life by about an hour.
Office 365 PWAs
will asks:

Do you know how the process is going, if it is going, with...

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