Ask Paul: April 16 (Premium)

Happy Friday! Here’s another great set of reader questions so we can kick off the weekend a bit early and hopefully get outside.
Another WOA silicon partner?
MartinusV2 asks:

After watching the nVidia keynote monday, I was very impressed with their new ARM server chip Grace. I then wondered if nVidia could, if they want, create the perfect ARM CPU for Windows 10 on Arm since Qualcomm seems not so eager to put the resources to create a real ARM CPU for desktop that would compete against Apple M1. I think, nVidia could be a real Apple M1 competitor.

Obviously, the performance of WOA systems so far has been lackluster, though I’m not sure if that’s entirely the fault of the Qualcomm-based chipsets we’ve seen so far. Whatever the reason, Microsoft and Qualcomm are clearly working to advance the platform and improve performance. If they can pull that off just as x64 compatibility lands, WOA could finally become competitive.

That said, Microsoft claimed during the Windows 10 on ARM (WOA) announcement that its intention was to eventually working with multiple silicon partners. And this market could definitely use the competition. I would love to see this happen.
Text size matters
wright_is asks:

The standard text size in Windows 10 is too large. Is there any way to reduce the scaling below 100% or to select a different base font size? I’ve done some searching and everything I’ve found either doesn’t exist in Windows 10 any more or relates to Windows 7 or older.

That’s an interesting issue. I have severe myopia and so I find myself bumping up the display scaling on all PCs and the text scaling every once in a while. But I’ve never thought the text size was too big. Regardless, I’m a bit surprised that’s not an option in Display settings, but I’m not aware of a way to make that change and researching it didn’t turn up anything, sorry. Surely there’s a Registry setting that controls this?
wmurd118 asks:

I assume you use whatever phone you’re using for the day to listen to your audiobooks.


However, when reading ( and I also consider listening to audiobooks as reading) do you use some type of ereader such as a paperwhite, etc or do you merely read with your IPad along with your other consumables?

I do use an iPad for reading, not a dedicated eReader.

There are multiple reasons for this. I’m an Amazon customer, so I buy books and periodicals from Kindle and audiobooks from Audible, and not all Kindle content displays on their eReaders, which is crazy to me.  You have to use an app on phone or tablet instead. Kindles are still black and white, and I do read several graphic novels and travel guides each year, which are in color. I also read content in apps like Medium, Pocket, Google (Discovery feed), Google News, and The New York Times, and that all requires an iPad. And since I am going to using the iPad anyway, a Kindle is just redundant, another thing to charge, s...

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