Please Welcome Stephen Chapman to!

Posted on August 25, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Paul with 41 Comments

Obligatory embarrassing photo of Stephen and Paul at PDC 2009 in Los Angeles

I’m happy to announce that a long-time friend of mine will be contributing to Please join me in welcoming Stephen Chapman.

I’ve known Stephen for over 10 years, and we were both part of a group of then young and up-and-coming bloggers covering Microsoft in the late 2000s and early 2010s. (Other familiar names like Raphael Rivera were also part of this group.) He’s a great guy and I think his particular area of expertise—he’s a collector and preservationist of all things Microsoft—will be of particular interest to readers. As noted, Stephen and I go way back, and he’s excited to share a big part of our shared history with Microsoft and Windows.

I’m just as excited. Stephen has already shared some of his plans for posting to the site, and I think you’re going to be blown away by some of the things he’s collected. These won’t be daily posts, like the news stories previously provided by Mehedi, but rather more sporadic posts—sometimes a lot, sometimes less—aimed at showing a Microsoft from the past with which most are unfamiliar. Including me, in many cases. Again, it’s exciting.

So without further ado, welcome to, Stephen.


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Comments (41)

41 responses to “Please Welcome Stephen Chapman to!”

  1. shawn.healey

    Welcome, Stephen! I’m very excited to have an additional point of view here on the site. Any plans to join the First Ring Daily rotation?

    • Stephen Chapman

      We'll see what the future holds! I'm sure I'll be hopping on a stream/podcast or two at some point. =)

  2. navarac

    Welcome. Another "SKU" on is always welcome.

  3. wolters

    Welcome Stephen! Excited you are part of the team...

  4. tomschenkenberg

    Welcome to! ;-)

  5. madthinus

    Awesome, Welcome!

  6. veermaharaj

    Someone familiar with the history of microsoft... it's about time.

    Also, paul, could you guys do a second tier of premium where it just takes off the ads?

    Like 1 or 2 dollars a month for but with no ads?

  7. whistlerpro

    Welcome Stephen!

  8. hal9000

    Welcome Stephen!

    So... how many Zunes do you have?

    • Stephen Chapman

      So, thankfully, I didn't get bit by the Zune bug! I *do* love the device, but I decided quite early on in my collection endeavors to avoid as much hardware as I could (save for select odds 'n ends). I'm glad I made that decision, because after seeing how positively obsessed many Zune collectors are, I'm positive I could never afford some of the other stuff I'm currently able to if I was a Zune-head on top of everything else, lol. =)

  9. lwetzel


  10. tina


  11. pgiftos

    Welcome! I look forward to your posts.

  12. hal9000

    The Lakers are my favorite basketball team now.

  13. justme

    Welcome aboard, sir. Looking forward to your posts.

    Being a PC gamer, I have to ask - does your collection include Games For Windows LIve titles in their original incarnation?

    • Stephen Chapman

      I do have quite a lot of Microsoft Game Studios betas from the earlier days! I plan to archive and cover most of them over time, so I think you'll really enjoy some of what I have in store for later. =)

  14. wosully

    Welcome Stephen, and a friend of Paul's... I'm looking forward to reading and listening to you!

  15. chuckop

    Love me some Microsoft history! I've donated items to the Microsoft archives because my pack-rat ways are incompatible with growing older, raising a family, moving, etc. etc.

    How about some trivia contests?

  16. bbold

    Welcome, Stephen! We're sure you'll fit right in. Good luck.

  17. ianceicys

    Super excited to see you join Thurrott Stephen! Welcome

  18. Stephen Chapman

    Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the warm welcome. I'm really looking forward to writing about so much of what I've collected over the past couple of decades. Hopefully you'll all enjoy! =)

  19. faustxd9

    Welcome and already love the first post!

  20. olditpro2000

    Welcome aboard!

  21. Chris_Kez

    Welcome Stephen! I'm looking forward to your contributions.

  22. wright_is

    Welcome Stephen, this sounds like a great series...

    I'll post a teaser, do you remember Project Catalina, from the early 90s? Or is that too geeky? :-D

    That was my one and only briefing directly from a Microsoft engineer.

    • Stephen Chapman

      I don't recognized that particular codename at the moment!
      • wright_is

        It was the codename for the development of OLE on Windows 3.11 and NT 3.51. We were given a private demonstration on adding OLE code into our applications (I was working for a large consultancy contracted out to an agrochemical company at the time, the son of one of the directors of the chemical company was doing an internship on my project and the father had contacts at MS, so we got a briefing).

  23. dondon

    Welcome Stephen. Paul, hang your head in shame - photo caption should be 'Stephen and me'.

  24. jeff.bane

    All those beautiful women and, uh.


  25. seattlemike

    Welcome aboard, Stephen! Very excited to see what you bring.

  26. winner

    Glad to have you here, Steve!

  27. mikegalos

    Cool. This should be a fun addition.

  28. johnlavey

    Welcome, Stephen. If you are a long-time friend of Paul, then you are more than welcome. You'll fit in quite nicely. I look forward to your contributions to the site.

  29. gregsedwards

    Welcome to the family!

  30. dmclaurin

    Welcome! Already looking forward to your posts :)

  31. imback82


  32. Mary Jo Foley

    Yay! Stephen is a great addition here! Welcome! ???????

  33. sott3

    Welcome! And thank you for spelling your first name properly.