The Net Neutrality Discussion – What The Tech Ep. 378

Posted on December 3, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, What The Tech with 1 Comment

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Comments (1)

One response to “The Net Neutrality Discussion – What The Tech Ep. 378”

  1. webguynj

    I have one option for Internet access on Copper DSL in the suburbs less than 65 miles NYC. I am 16,000 ft from the nearest DSLAM and can only get 2.5MB down and 512k up on a good day but they make me pay for 10MB down. In NJ like all other states Internet is not regulated like telecommunication and cable. I cannot get Cable television and I have been working with the NJ League of municipalities and the state BPU to try to force better internet provision despite the fact that the FCC defines broadband as 25/3 the Connect America Fund (CAF) only funds 10/1 and ONLY where no service providers currently serve.