First Ring Daily: Feature Debt

Posted on December 14, 2017 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 2 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, Microsoft is in feature debt, Paul’s dog doesnt follow the rules, and Apple has a new but old Mac.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “First Ring Daily: Feature Debt”

  1. Martin Pelletier

    Paul, Brad...

    Microsoft been doing that for years. Microsoft is like a kid looking for attention: "Hey look, I got that thing too... but you will have to wait. It's not ready... No! No!, don't look at the other guy, stay with me and wait , you gonna see..."

    I'm pretty sure that some one at Microsoft saw Groupy and did a prototype within that 3 days Brad. Maybe it's far fetch but they can make it for RS4 but, they decided to delay just for not let it show that they stole the idea.

    That's also why they cannot get developers to make UWP any more. They promised a nice new API that was supposed to be feature set equivalent to the .Net API. Boy we were stupid. It came out late. Not feature set compatible and half made like the apps bundled with the first Windows 10.

    Maybe if we had the UWP Template and the Toolkit at the time, we would do UWP apps instead of staying in Win32.

    Not wonder why I use Groupy, Stat10. Even at this day, some tiles don't update, on another machine, not able to install some apps.

    Sorry, had to get that out of my chest. I am mad at Microsoft.

  2. Michael Bodo

    Classic Microsoft bait and switch. Show something really cool to the MS faithful only to never see them go public with it. As MartinusV2 points out, MS have been doing this for years, but now it's bordering on the ridiculous. The only thing keeping on me in the MS ecosystem at this point are some of the legacy Win32 apps I cannot run on a Chromebook. If I could run Adobe Creative Cloud apps on a Pixelbook I would jump ship in a heartbeat and be all in on Google. The other option is to go Linux, which I am considering as well. My days as a devoted MS customer are dwindling by the month. I dropped Windows Phone for Android two years ago and bought potentially my last-ever gaming console with the X-Box One around the same time. I have two Google Home Mini speakers in my house, which I absolutely love, a Pixel XL phone (which I love as well) and perhaps a Pixelbook in my immediate future. I'll run MS Office apps and OneDrive where applicable, but I simply won't be doing anything productivity or entertainment-wise on a Windows 10 based PC or gaming console any longer. I don't think I am alone in those sentiments. MS will begin to realize this as Windows PC sales start rapidly falling, not just slowly declining as they have for years. Perhaps when the empire starts to crumble and it's shown that the emperor has no clothes is when MS will "get it." Unfortunately by that time it will be too late.

    In anticipation of the forthcoming shift in platform preference, I would love to see start publishing more software and hardware related articles on products from Google and it's partners, Apple and it's partners along with Linux. Essentially, have become platform agnostic. I'd also like to start seeing more First Ring Daily Segments on the same. There have been steps made here and there to have the site be less Microsoft-centric focused, but I think more can and should be done. Keep up the good work!