First Ring Daily 351: Apple Screens the Windows Problem

Posted on March 19, 2018 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 4 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, Apple is building more parts, Windows has a problem, and the weather is always fashionable.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “First Ring Daily 351: Apple Screens the Windows Problem”

  1. Simard57

    I always considered Apple a H/W company.. but they are not a component company

  2. nbplopes

    Hi Paul,

    Maybe one day you can write about MS history because the way I see, when it comes to totally assimilating third party software features and stealing ideas into their products MS has no rival in the market. Just look at the breath of MS software and trace it back to when it they started developing any of it. You will see that basically MS went after almost any software built by third parties on top of Windows. From calculators to games passing by CRMs, Developer Tools (remember Borland and many other back in the day), RDBMs, task manager, you name it.

    Considering how much you pretend that this is not a fact, I find it ludicrous that you so rightously point out how bad is the modus operandi of Apple and come out with the consideration that MS missteps of late In that matter and others is down to copying the Apple. Just compare the pallet of Apple software to MS and you can clearly see that by comparison your conclusion is a fabrication.

    Furthermore, its equally disturbing that a tech guy knowledgeable as you are, cannot distinguish the reality of one company basically controlling more 90 % of personal computing in the world (at least in the west) to what is happening today. You might argue that MS forcing down Edge to users is not good. I agree. But is not comparable. Today people have more options without compromising much on what they might miss if they jump out. And if they do, they might get some new things that did not even thought possible as most Windows tech enthusiasts pretend that its is not! That is why MS can do what they are doing now with Edge and its user today today without facing ant-trust complications and could not back than. It has nothing to do with being a smaller of bigger player in the browser market, its about leverage and competition. Back in the day WMP for instance had a small number of users much like Edge, but today's MS leverage over the consumer and prosumer market in general is far less powerful that it was.

    I just don't understand the eagerness of Windows enthusiasts for MS to basically go back to the days of full blown expansion, at the rate they were to every corner of software. I just wonder how it the Internet and Smartphones would be today if MS had their way back than. Probably we would still be using some Frankenstein PC forms of UMPC or something, don't know. Probably we would still be playing with clipper!

    Tell me don't you think that from 2008 to 2018 (the mobile decade) the advances made in personal tech were at a much faster rate then from 1997 to 2007. Basically from 2002 to 2007 the innovation the the PC basically stalled. I think who ever does not believe that MS did not tried to control the web back than through the browser Is delusional.

    Hey, jump to the Mac OS,. no one is forcing you to use Safari there, keep using Chrome with no limitations. Heck, no one is forcing you to use anything Apple there. No Office 365 like Apple software subscriptions down the throat there, no payed telephony services are being sold there in any form (Skype like), no search engine is being forced on you at any level. Even Siri can be basically dismissed (made invisible). Ok they try to up-sell iTunes (Audio, Video, Book sales), but even that is easy ignored. OS is basically updated, no distractions with Insiders like experience, multiple Rings at that kind of tech marketing ... And it works with third party devices such as Windows Phones and Android phones as well as Windows does. No challenges like distinguishing S Mode or no S Mode, even though it supports what it actually does since 2010 or so ... That is a PC for you. open ... In exchange, by them the laptop ... How is that evil?

    Of course they (Apple) will try and upsell you the iPhone, iWatch the iPad with it. Much like MS does with their software service. But you know what? These products actually work in tandem with each other in ways an Apple ignorant is still dreaming with Windows and other devices. How is that bad in comparison its just another fabrication of yours for any polyvalent tech guy that just says what he sees, not necessarily what would like.

    I'm not defending Apple. I don't like them much either, especially their late form of cynical communication. I don't care less for any of these companies as long as they push prosperity forward. I just don't like miss information being splashed at peoples faces as if it is the actual truth. That IMHO is what lead us all to the dark ages of tech from 2002 to 2007 where people were given little choices, the mind set that lead MS to miss mobile innovation altogether, year after year the same thing over and over again, stuff that did not worked under the umbrella of innovation (mediocre implementations), every software vendor was under attack by one expansionist company (save the consultants) and the Internet was being under attack with the IE weapon.

    Today we face other problems. As large or greater. (social, fake news, privacy, mind control, tech addiction, total tracking ....). Users are being forced to use Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant to contact any business on the Internet, working as a proxy (no direct contact with the business unlike what happens with a Web Browser), We need MS to give us some solutions for that not to make them even larger with stuff like Mixed Reality ... if only worked.