First Ring Daily 403: The Error of our Pods

Posted on April 12, 2018 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 2 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, Homepod is following a familiar path, Brad swings for the greens, and Paul multitasks.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “First Ring Daily 403: The Error of our Pods”

  1. jmeiii75

    Paul's soul has light bleed

  2. nbplopes

    The AirPods are good well rounded product for whoever owns iPhone or other Apple devices and came in the right time. Face it Thurrot, its a good product, you were wrong. That is why they are selling well and many other follow suit a few months later.

    The HomePod is not a well rounded smart speaker, hence is not selling well. Furthermore, Amazon already defined the category. Yet, whoever bought it now I'm sure they are thinking in future new versions of the product and this one will still play well for years to come with the new versions.

    Unlike the ones that bought the Harmon Cortana or whatever similar product, stuck with a tech that will go nowhere and ... yes it plays Spotify but does it play Google Music or Amazon Music in the same way or is just via Bluetooth? Compare that with playing over Spotify over Wifi/Airplay on the HomePod, same thing. So I guess the HomePod still supports better third party services through Airplay even with no big fancy partnerships, just by being the way it is.

    You know what is arrogance of a company? Is shipping buggy riddled products, for years and years and expect to sell well. So much so that manage to have customer that buy these really expensive buggy products, and even than buy a v3 and v4 because you know, it will get better with time ... so said the experts. Heck, they even managed to get people "ringed" for free.

    Give me a reason why Windows on ARM (say the HP version that you have reviewed?) can eventually sell well? Why would anyone buy such a product at that price even? That is worst than arrogance ... its believing that still have their customers in the palm of their hands ... you know what, maybe they still do! Personally I would buy quicker an HomePod than that thing ... The sad story is that people that might eventually buy it in some kind of version are the ones with scarce resources because experts are incapable to say to them, "look for the money really its not worth it at all by any level". Furthermore we don't know how long this will be supported". But no, instead we get, "its amazing the MS has managed to run Windows applications on this thing and for the rest its works well and its fast enough". I understand, some technologists like half baked products because it gives them a sense of the future, keeps a door open for speculation over the amazing things that will come ... So why people that fall on such a trap with case in case Apple products are so thoughtless all in a sudden? ...