First Ring Daily 410: Optimist Xbox Pie

Posted on April 23, 2018 by Brad Sams in Podcasts, First Ring Daily with 9 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, Paul says positive things, Brad is about to buy an item, and Xbox is looking pretty darn good right now.

*I tried changing audio settings, audio whine still apparent, going to try a different mic tomorrow.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “First Ring Daily 410: Optimist Xbox Pie”

  1. dnation70

    buy a printer and print the notes

  2. johnbaxter

    Pure cloud for gaming would work in many countries. Not yet in the US, where our "free market" insists on giving us inferior broadband for excessive costs.

  3. My Hell baby speaking

    Paul, you miss so many great games by limiting yourself to a certain company. I really feel, you should while covering gaming dip into the richness and variety those other platforms aside from xbox have to offer.

    IMO you don't come over very compentent talking (the future of) games when you shun masterpieces like Zelda and most recently God of War.

  4. floplo

    never used teams, but if you can add a tab with a website, why don't you add the Onenote online / web version of your show notes ?

  5. Dave P

    Paul and Brad, if you can add a tab with a website in Teams, why don't you add the OneNote Online version of your show notes? Other commentators have suggested the same.

  6. CRoebuck

    Did I hear that correctly. The SB 2 hinge is still not "fixed" ? Just returned a SB 1 Performance Base for hinge issues, was really hoping they'd ironed out the issues in this revision.

    One my 3rd Keyboard replacement in 6 months on 2017 MacBook Pro, was hoping to replace with something more reliable from the Microsoft camp.

  7. Jamie DeGrazio

    Xbox division lacks the creative culture to produce industry defining content like Sony and Nintendo. Seamus Blackley spoke to this. They just don't understand entertainment like Sony does.