First Ring Daily 482: Surface Is Back on the Menu

Posted on September 27, 2018 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 3 Comments

On this localized version of First Ring Daily, we are back from Ignite, Surface is back on the menu, and things will never be normal (next week).

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “First Ring Daily 482: Surface Is Back on the Menu”

  1. dnationsr

    why haven't they released 17763.2004

  2. pesos

    You said it. We are now being forced to move from LTSB/LTSC to SAC and it's absolutely pathetic that they still pack all this crapware into Windows ENTERPRISE. Awful - completely awful (not to mention 100 other things that are a mess with SAC vs LTSC). Sigh.

  3. nbplopes

    All businesses align their efforts with their core business model. Apple it's selling devices, Google is selling digital marketing services, Amazon selling stuff of their store, and Microsoft is licensing software, training services and professional services.

    If there is moral stand that fits their business model they back it up. If there is one that goes against, they stay quiet. If there is one that goes neither, they will still quiet.

    If you think that the core business of Microsoft is Licensing software, they have to figure out ways to guarantee that people will re-licence every year in the context of 90% of market share or so. So this might explain why a lot of your complaints aren't addressed.

    Simply put if Windows was close to bug free, easier to use, features came out with depth, solid and robust they would make much less money across the board. If it wasn't supported by OEM they would sell much less licences. Someone building a computer in the garage perfectly aligns with their business model as long as it install Windows .... and all MS services with it. Up to 2007, before the mobile boom, MS had no incentive to develop a slim, streamline, high performant OS. The fatter it got actually helped in their the bottom line, it meant upgrading hardware ... more licences. But it kind of back fired with the enterprise, but not with consumers. Yet in the enterprise that had other things to licence ...

    Apple on the other hand, this would be a good thing. It is a quality that helps them resell the next high cost hardware. Without it, people would have little reason to buy devices from them, its core business model.

    On the subject of being closed to open ... how many times people haven't moved out of Windows because of some software that only exists in Windows. All business will build gravity into their products in a way that align with their business model. All of them ....

    The same with Google. If Google stops harvesting data, it Ad service will suffer, so will their search engine. So will many other things they plan for AI within the compounds of their business model. Further more the cheaper devices are, more people will be using their services.

    Honestly, if both MS and Google could offer hardware at $0 they would. On the other hand, if Apple could sell software at $0 they would ... :)

    Humm Amazon .... .... ....