First Ring Daily 486: We the Feedbackers

Posted on October 10, 2018 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 2 Comments

On this edition of First Ring Daily, Paul is home for five minutes, Brad has an audio blast, and we have some podcasting to do.

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2 responses to “First Ring Daily 486: We the Feedbackers”

  1. ericmeetsworld

    I thought I read somewhere that the phone came with the Pixel USB-C earbuds.

  2. derylmccarty

    Damned good Feedback discussion!

    As a long time Insider and a long time Windows 98 and subsequent Beta tester (we part-owned a computer store for 20 years and only dealt with MSFT software) through MSDN, I can and do expect issues when the SP or now feature updates are released. I am more impressed with the Insider program because it is much more "structured" than was the more open Beta system. That said, we (the royal "we") have missed a few "biggies" in the last few updates.


    We should, therefore, help MSFT analyze how the Insider program works in real life, then offer solutions. Assuming for a second that the Insider APP works smoothly for every Insider whether in French, US English, or the commie Chinese social scoring system; then how does the reported problem or suggestion wend its way through the system.


    I would posit that the first stop should be a bunch of technical language and cultural "teams" who can interpret what is actually being said culturally and technically. We Insiders are average - at best - in describing what the problem is, except of course to tell someone how frustrated they are with that problem or MSFT people in four-letter invective. (In my 30 years in the military I discovered that you can tell any rank, civilian or military, including the President that he is wrong and here is a better way to solve the problem, as long as you don't start the conversation with "listen, you dumb SOB..." We are often doing that with MSFT, and I cannot expect them to remain cool, calm and collected if all they hear is invective. They are, though many may not think so, human.)


    The second stop on the way to a solution for Insider problems, after they have been adequately described and invective removed, is to evaluate and perhaps even assign a quantifiable risk number to solving, or more accurately, not solving the problem. That is the classic definition of a civilian Triage system. Have a group of really bright engineers and managers who have executive level clout and support evaluate and then arrive at a "numerical" level of risk that in turn determines how fast we must solve the issue and how many resources in both coins and personnel are going to be needed to effect solution and integrate the solution seamlessly.


    Beyond that look at the speed and depth of solutions, even on the "biggies", you can see that MSFT is very good at solving problems.


    Another problem with the Insider problem is me.  I can solve many out-of-the-box stumbles for my computer. So I don't always report an issue if I found the problem easily fixed. Including reinput of settings in a particular area. Even worse, there are some things I never see or don't notice because I don't use a particular facet of a computer. I am not a gamer, for example, or a picture taker. So when Paul or Brad talk about color saturation settings lost between builds, you might as well be speaking in Martian. I would never see the issue, therefore never report it.


    That said, there are a million or so Insiders, so with that many, we have to be using and seeing every facet of Windows and MSFT/Google/etc., APPs on every conceivable combination of devices, PCs, computer skills and access. Alas, we missed a few, and that probably cost MSFT several bucks in current expenses, goodwill and future bottom lines.


    As Pogo would say: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”  Sometimes! N’est-ce pas?