First Ring Daily 493: Man Punches Self in Face, Sees no Improvement

Posted on October 22, 2018 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 9 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, Paul has serious buyers remorse, Brad laughs at Paul, and Qualcomm has a sneaky trick up its sleeve.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “First Ring Daily 493: Man Punches Self in Face, Sees no Improvement”

  1. jprestig

    The tinny sound you describe, it's very real. I noticed it immediately on my 3 XL. Even when on a phone call, with the speaker up to my ear, I can hear it.

  2. matsan

    Get over it and go back to iOS and buy a decent phone...

  3. overseer

    While I have a certain sadistic glee watching the trainwreck which is Paul getting another Google Phone, I also totally identify where he is coming from. For those of us that are technology enthusiasts and know just how good all this can and should work, it is disappointing and mystifying as to how often it completely misses the mark. If you go my route and by one of the cheaper phones you can find, you expect there to be compromises, but with one of the most expensive flagship devices out there, you expect the basic stuff to work and work well.

  4. MacLiam

    I feel your pain, or at least imagine it, because I would have felt the same pain if I hadn't decided about six or seven minutes into this episode that the Pixel 3 in either incarnation was not for me. It doesn't matter what DxOMark will say about the camera if the app is that slow to load and fails to work and play well with others. I will just keep using my Nexus 6P and accept Oreo as the highest Android tier I will get to use for the foreseeable future. Project Fi is one of Google's best creations, and I won't abandon it just because they can't get their act together on other comm products.

    Thinking in fix-it mode, surely someone must be manufacturing a rigid dongle that could be superglued to the bottom of the 2X and give you both a headphone jack and charging connector -- maybe even a third USB port in case something else comes along.

  5. rlcronin

    I must lead a charmed life. My Pixel 3 (non-XL) sounds great. So much fuller and louder than the 2XL it replaced. No tinny sound, no rattling, nothing. The camera interfering with audio streams sounds like a solvable software issue. Perhaps a memory leak. I really don't think all the buzz about 4GB not being enough is that credible from a technical standpoint. Yeah, for what you're paying it does seem a little light, but it should be more than enough to deal with running a few apps at the same time as an audio stream.

  6. F4IL

    I just don't see why you have to go through all this, especially since you're paying a premium for these things.

    The top of the line galaxies have headphone jacks, great screens, good (enough) cameras, no notches and so on and so forth.

  7. T182

    These sort of issues took me from being a bleeding-edge enthusiast to a 'hmm... let's give it a couple months' guy. Hardware and software. Beta software is one thing, but supposedly fully-baked products are another.

  8. longhorn

    There is an official Chrome for Linux x64 version which can be found on the same Google download page as all the other builds. I personally dislike Google Chrome, but the fact that an official Linux version is available makes Linux somewhat more legit for casual users.

    It's actually a mystery to me why people use Google Chrome. I think it is a UI nightmare and has always been. My dislike for Chrome is also one of the reasons I think Chrome OS is a weak proposition.

    I also think that any platform with just one browser is doomed to fail. People like choice. Both Android and iOS give people browser choice even if it is just superficial.

  9. Maktaba

    What phone does Brad have? I understand he wanted to get iPhone XR.