First Ring Daily 519: Windows is a Lite

Posted on December 3, 2018 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 5 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, Windows Lite is the new lightness, there’s a printer, and lite is right.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “First Ring Daily 519: Windows is a Lite”

  1. jaredthegeek

    With no apps no one will use Lite. With no one using Lite no one will build apps for it.

  2. Piyer

    Me thinks, the way Windows Lite would address legacy apps will be to containerize and run it. Right now they are sort of trying to do that in the ARM version already

    If we can run windows lite on i.MX 6 type SoC's ( which I am sure would) for new .NET core apps it will be great for a new generation of apps. I can already see that with the IoT core

    As a platform for business apps, the MS stack is still the way to go, in my 2 cents.

  3. navarac

    Lite, S, Arm, RT ? Whatever. It's all the same IMO. Can see it being based on Edge for f*@k sake.

    Lets concentrate on normal Windows and get a Chromebook if you must.

  4. christian.hvid

    Dear Microsoft,

    this is what I've been arguing in my head for quite some time: if you want to take on the Chromebook, you need to go light or go home. Flogging full fat Windows with an artificial block on Win32 apps just isn't going to cut it. Thank you for finally paying attention (for a while, I was worried that you really weren't eavesdropping on my thoughts, in which case Google already would have won).

    However, I respectfully submit that there are three more things you may want to consider:

    1) You need to deliver a super-smooth integration with Office 365, way better than what Windows 10 offers.

    2) You need to revive the Astoria bridge and put the 100 most popular Android apps in the Microsoft Store.

    3) You really need to come up with a better name than "Lite". After all, Huawei already has LiteOS, and that's about as bland as it gets.

    Do this, and you may finally have your 3:2 moment.

  5. justme

    If there is no application infrastructure that people use - this OS will just gather dust, period. Why did NT succeed? Why doesnt Linux have a much larger user base than it does? Win32 apps. Thats what people use when they think Microsoft and Windows-anything. Artificial blocks (RT, S...) dont 'make' people use the things Microsoft want them to. Did Microsoft learn nothing from Windows 8?