First Ring Daily 520: Microsoft Makes The Right Decision

Posted on December 4, 2018 by Brad Sams in Podcasts, First Ring Daily with 6 Comments

On this edition of First Ring Daily, Microsoft is making some tough decision but it’s the right step forward.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “First Ring Daily 520: Microsoft Makes The Right Decision”

  1. MutualCore

    Edge is dog poo, good riddance.

  2. ParadoxGBB

    One point that I haven't seen raised yet that I'm surprised I haven't seen yet --- at first I was surprised at this move, then it made sense, but then I further realized that Microsoft has already done a lot of the work needed around this move a while ago.

    Don't forget that Edge on Android and Edge on iOS both don't use EdgeHTML. Both helped them abstract out the rending engine from the presentation, and the latter might have even informed them into making specific tweaks to Blink. All they're doing at this point is extending this strategy to the desktop and Windows 10 (which don't get me wrong, is still big news).

  3. martinusv2

    All I want is a browser that has a clear text font like Edge does. And the ease when you scroll the page without stuttering like it used to be in Chrome (did not tried the latest version).

  4. derylmccarty

    (sarcasm alert) I know, for most of us it was hard to tell if Paul had an opinion about Edge/Chrome one way or the other. (end sarcasm alert)

    What I did like about today's FRD is that your comments were future based and positively aimed at MSFT as a boost (AKA KITA) to do what they need to do to stay relevant (AKA profitable) in the internet sphere in addition to cloud storage, data analytics and "X"aaS. And from a consumers point of view, why should I care what the rendering engine is as long as the UI part of it, the face of the product, looks the same as I am used to AND takes fewer resources, power, and is faster?

  5. wright_is

    If Apple is third place and slipping quickly to fourth largest phone seller, how can they have sold more phones than the top 2/3 manufacturers?