First Ring Daily 521: Windows is Getting Interesting

Posted on December 5, 2018 by Brad Sams in Podcasts, First Ring Daily with 15 Comments

On this edition of First Ring Daily, Windows new strategy is raising many eyebrows, Outlook has a new look, and Android apps should be back on the menu.

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Comments (15)

15 responses to “First Ring Daily 521: Windows is Getting Interesting”

  1. locust infested orchard inc

    When was there ever a time when Windows wasn't interesting ? (rhetorical question, because the answer was/is, never).

  2. dnationsr

    what happened to video

  3. zicoz

    Wouldn't a Microsoft-device with Android apps run into issues with dependencies on Google Play Services?

    • wright_is

      In reply to zicoz:

      Not necessarily, there are plenty of devices that can do without Google Play.

      • zicoz

        In reply to wright_is:

        Yes, there are devices that don't have Google Play, but can they run all Android apps? It seems to me that the way Play Services was implemented was as a "lock-in" from Googles side. "If you want this functionality you need to go through us".
  4. gregsedwards

    You fellas know that Skype has a Do Not Disturb mode. You know that, right?

  5. wright_is

    Video removed?

  6. cadrethree

    So Windows Lite is a web based os brought through the browser? Are they getting closer to me being able to put my Win32 disc into my Arm based laptop, saving it to Azure which serves as my Win32 OS. Then streaming it back to me full and complete without saving it to my laptop? Old school server style? That would be the best of both worlds, IMHO. Arm processor, web based OS, full win32 programs run off Azure and streamed back to me.

  7. waethorn

    I thought a lot about what you said Paul, and this is how I interpret it:

    There's no denying now that Microsoft wants to be in the "Big Tech" crowd (read: Big Brother).

    Here are the reasons why:

    1) They don't talk to consumers in any appreciable way.

    2) There is no future vision. It's all just status quo.

    3) They cozy up to big enterprises to save face, but their big play is to have them as tenants on their platform while they aggressively compete with those that wouldn't be part of it.

    4) Small business gets no love at all anymore.

    5) Small partners get no love at all anymore, including their own resellers (they STILL have not opened up the Surface reseller program - it's still invitation only).

    6) They're dictating a lot more restrictions with hardware developers what with these new driver and firmware delivery mechanisms (hardware developers are already starting to talk about restrictions with how they can deliver those updates with other OS's, based on Microsoft's rules).

    The consumer parts are the most "interesting". They used to talk about where they, along with consumers, would go with technology, and how they can utilize their data. A lot of this messaging came from the Media Center and Windows Live era. That's gone. They are ignoring their consumer base, be it "everyday" home PC users or SOHO/SMB users in unmanaged environments. Now, with how they work their cloud/enterprise computing, they make it clear that their new message is:

    "Consumers ARE the data".

    They don't represent what I want to see from a *software* company. They want to be part of the FANG crowd (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google - the data slurpers), and they're willing to leverage corporate politics and undercut their product offerings to achieve this position. This is why I don't use Microsoft products anymore.

  8. jltuv

    So, Microsoft is making an OS that will be more like IOS or Chrome OS, but you can’t do what you do on either of those OS only on Windows but your tools are getting simpler so you don’t need the power of full Windows in the future. Huh? Does that mean soon you will be able to do your work on either IOS or Chrome OS in the future as the evolve for those systems? These are very confusing times. I use an iPad mostly now while waiting for Windows on ARM to finally get it right. I think Microsoft big problem is the store. Do they really need a store for Windows using progressive web apps? The store vanished on my Surface 3 (atom base) between Chrome browser and just downloading apps online I haven’t miss it. I used the iPad for better battery life and the instance on got me spoiled. Real question is, if they do get windows on ARM working will anyone port app over to run on it natively or will it be RT all over again. I have several RT devices and I don’t plan go down that rabbit hole again. Right now, Windows on ARM is a dream. Unless Microsoft comes up with a real App Store like Android or IOS, I don’t see the point. Yes, progressive webs apps are the future with coming of 5G and such but the current version windows is not the answer for that future.