First Ring Daily 592: Microsoft’s Library of Alexandria

Posted on April 2, 2019 by Brad Sams in Podcasts, First Ring Daily with 5 Comments

On this edition of First Ring Daily, Microsoft closes its eBook store, COD tries something free, and Apple will add bigger batteries.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “First Ring Daily 592: Microsoft’s Library of Alexandria”

  1. JC

    Never has the Microsoft Book Store in the UK anyways... Not missed here!!!

  2. navarac

    Paul mentioned trust in the context of keeping movies going etc. Basically I cannot trust Microsoft to keep anything going anymore. It seems that to get rid of the Store would be a great idea as well.

  3. dfdssdf

    I get what Paul was saying.

    I listen to a lot of soundtracks that are not on streaming services. I used Groove+OneDrive for that to listen at work and sync music to my phone. Now that that ship has sailed I cancelled my Office365 subscription since I have no need for it and went Apple Music. I can stream and upload my whole library and it syncs with my iPad and iPhone seamlessy.

    I tried Spotify but syncing and playing your own local music is a terrible experience if 30 percent of the tracks I listen to each hour isnt on the services. And then there is Google Play Music but I am pretty confident the free upload thing is going to be behind the YouTube Music paywall as soon as this is transferred. It doesn't make sense to keep letting people use huge amounts of bandwith, maintain apps and radio stations all for free when all others like Microsoft, Amazon or Apple charge for it or abandoned their music offerings.

  4. suominena

    I hope that the stores TV & Movies does not fade away. I have bought or rented quite a lot of movies through it as I can watch them also on my TV through Xbox. If it would be only on the PC I would understand. Microsoft should make an Android & iOS app of the TV & Movies, so it would have more possibilities to use across platforms. That would make sense.