First Ring Daily 694: Surface Hardware Hangover

Posted on October 4, 2019 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 5 Comments

It was a busy week at the Surface event, let’s take a few minutes to digest the announcements and dig deeper into the details.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “First Ring Daily 694: Surface Hardware Hangover”

  1. shameermulji

    I agree with Paul => for the Duo to be successful, it needs to target the enterprise, the mobile professional that lives in Office, email, etc. & prioritizes typical productivity scenarios. These are users for whom the camera is the least important feature. This market may not be bigger than the consumer market where the camera is king but I'm confident it's big enough for MS to make a successful business out of it.

    I also agree that Neo should be ARM. The custom SQ1 would go great in that device.

    Both Paul & Brad made a good point on where the Neo fits in into a user's life. When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad in 2010, he said that for the iPad to be successful it had to be better than both the laptop and smartphone at seven key tasks. During the Neo presentation, no similar case was made for it.

  2. djncanada

    Hi Everyone,

    If Paul is correct and this new Android device is targeted to enterprise, wonder if they will have tier 1 IP Telephone providers like Microsoft Teams PSTN Calling or Cisco IP phone shipping installed!!

    In my humble opinion, 5G phone service I assume will overtake POTS service for business. I am thinking carriers will be selling data buckets vs voice/data plans. Texting can be IP based as well!!

    I would not be surprised if Microsoft has already discussed with large global carriers.

    If I am a CIO for a large enterprise, I am likely demanding carriers integrate my landline and cell service, I am sure CIO's would make their CFO happy eliminating proving landline and cell for their staffs. I am sure carriers must see this coming!

    I wonder if Microsoft will create a neat docking solution when enterprise employee's are in the office

    You can route calls now with Broadsoft/Cisco, Ring Central/Avaya, Microsoft Teams/Skype.

    That would be my goal if I was an enterprise CIO.

  3. SocialDanny123

    I think WIndows 10X has a strong chance of success. I can see 10X replacing regular Windows 10 on all Low end PCs including a next Gen Surface Go. MS managing to containerise Win32 in a secure and safe way but also have the benefits of Chrome OS like fast updates and performance and great battery life is something that I think Microsoft deserves credit for.

  4. macguy59

    While the Neo looks cool we have to remember these are still concepts that [might] see the light of day a YEAR from now. And from a marketing prospective why would anyone want to buy a Surface Pro now ?

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