First Ring Daily 753: Audio Bux

Posted on January 21, 2020 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 4 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, a TV may have been ordered, home audio is a long topic, and maybe we get another surprise holiday.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “First Ring Daily 753: Audio Bux”

  1. panjjj

    Perhaps it is not an issue to you but does Sonos support Dolby Atmos and other "3d" sound options? I find this especially important with home theater but it is also becoming an option with recorded music as well (eg., Amazon Music offerings and their new Amazon Studio smart speakers).

  2. stevem

    Something to think about with Sonos. They are currently trying to brick what they call legacy products. They tried to offer me a small discount on new products if I let them update my two Play 5's so they would no longer operate. Now they are trying to stop my entire Sonos setup from future updates unless I remove my two Play 5's.

    From Sonos today:

    "Legacy products were introduced between 2005 and 2011 and, given the age of the technology, do not have enough memory or processing power to sustain future innovation.

    Please note that because Sonos is a system, all products operate on the same software. If modern products remain connected to legacy products after May, they also will not receive software updates and new features.

    You have options

    Continue using legacy products

    You can continue using legacy products after May, but your system will no longer receive software updates and new features. Over time, this is likely to disrupt access to services and overall functionality.

    Trade up legacy products

    Save 30% on a new product when you upgrade through the Sonos Trade Up programme."

    Frankly I am shocked and saddened by Sonos doing this. I guess my PlayBar and two Sonos 3's will be next. As you are aware, this kit costs a lot. I didn't expect to have to throw it away when it plays music just fine.

  3. Sprtfan

    Hi Brad, I'm Vic. I'm glad that getting the 65" OLED worked out for you.

  4. Jacksmccullough

    I would have fully endorsed the Sonos option up until this week. Been using Sonos for years and have multiple devices across the house. Got an email at start of week that one of my Sonos 5 speakers I have is now out of support and won't receive any more updates. This is in perfect working order but I either have to replace it or live with no more updates on any of my speakers. This is just extortion. I can live with reduced functionality in certain rooms but not in the whole home, especially as a lot of the current features are so buggy.

    I am back to the drawing board now but couldn't recommend Sonos to anyone given thier Draconian support policy. Which is a shame because I love the product and the sound.

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