First Ring Daily 758: Digital Assistants Aren’t so Great

Posted on January 28, 2020 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 6 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, we dive deep into if digital assistants really are all that good, a little about Facebook, and even less about baseboards.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “First Ring Daily 758: Digital Assistants Aren’t so Great”

  1. panjjj

    I have found the level of "smartness" on music services to be valuable. For example, from both Spotify and Pandora if I create a station based on a particular artist or style, for the most part, the other musicians that it suggests and plays are spot on and have resulted, as well, in my discovering new music/artists I didn't know previously but now enjoy. I agree that we are in the early stages of intelligence/AI with Alexa, Google and the others but I appreciate (I have standardized on Alexa) being able to give verbal commands for music, short wikipedia type questions. weather conditions, traffic, etc., without having to look for my phone and in most rooms in the house. But I do agree, the breakthrough will come when one can be "conversational", accomplish useful iterative conversations.

  2. Patrick3D

    @Brad: If the power outlets behind the entertainment center are a pair of 2 outlet units, replace one with a unit that has 2 outlets and usb charge ports built-in.

  3. joshhuggins

    I would have some kind of surge protection built between the outlets and the electronics anyway, why not get a low profile protected powerstip?

  4. wright_is

    @Brad, don't worry, we bought a dishwasher from Amazon last year, it only took them 6 months to realise that we probably don't need additional ones and stop suggesting them in every newsletter and on the home page. The same the year before, when I bought a new smartphone, the next 6 months was an almost daily barrage of Amazon ads for yet more smartphones, or accessories for smartphones I hadn't bought...

  5. Jeffsters

    Digital assistantshave such promise but so frustrating. Sure you can pick features and capabilities to create a table comparison but there are broader issues. These devices go from awesome to $%#! from one command to the next. I have all Apple and HomeKit devices and they often work awesome. But how the %$#@! does it go from a perfect execution of a time, location, or voice initiated execution of a routine or shortcut to utter confusion? My friends with Alexa, who to be honest are not as pioneering as I am, report similar frustrations. I have lights, locks, garage door, heating/AC, audio/video, etc., all interconnected that I want to control with Siri. Maybe it’s still to early and I expect to much but when it works I feel like a kid watching star trek but when it doesn’t I yell swears all through the house.

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