First Ring Daily 853: ARM the Cars

Posted on June 22, 2020 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 6 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, Brad makes a big mistake, Apple has an event today, and it was a Father’s day weekend.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “First Ring Daily 853: ARM the Cars”

  1. Scott Ross

    So I was thinking of what vehicles would work for you Brad and here is a list.

    1. Tesla Truck. because you need to haul stuff for what ever home improvement project.
    2. If you want a Gas Vehicle check out the New Bronco which is now no longer debuting on OJ Simpson's birthday.
    3. Ford Mach E. I refuse to call it a mustang. Ford's All Electric SUV
    4. Jeep Gladiator. A good small truck with 4 doors for the family and in 10 years if the frame doesn't rot away it will have a good resale value.
    5. Honorable Mention R1T or Workhorse W-15 because who the hell knows if they are coming out.
  2. richardbottiglieri

    Most car manufacturers are offering pretty sweet deals on financing these days. I'm personally a bit partial to the Honda and Acura brands. Check out the new Honda CR-V and the Acura RDX. I have a 2019 RDX, and it's a lot of fun to drive.

  3. tdub

    I have a 2008 Highlander (NOT hybrid). and I love it. I'd buy another Highlander and would seriously also look at the Hybrid version.

  4. txag

    You might consider a Honda Pilot; I think the low end trim model does not have Apple play.

  5. tomker

    I actually owned a CPO Volvo S80 a few years ago. It had about 30K miles on it when I got it and I think at the time Volvo was offering a 50K/5yr warranty. So I had 20K and a couple years of the original coverage before my CPO warranty kicked in. The car was great. But the Volvo owner experience was even better. The CPO warranty is good as gold. They covered just about everything for the $50 deductible. At about 98K, 2K before the CPO warranty expired, an idler pulley failed and caused me to have the timing chain replaced. $50, yeah! My dealer treated me like I had purchased that car new from them. I only wish Volvo had the kind of vehicle I was shopping for when we finally got tired of it. I don't think you could go wrong going the CPO Volvo route.