First Ring Daily 860: Continuum First

Posted on July 1, 2020 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 5 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, Apple is working on a Continuum, the schedule has changed this week, and sometimes we all need to go to the farm.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “First Ring Daily 860: Continuum First”

  1. will

    I was just thinking about Continuum yesterday and that Apple is now in a spot to do this. The iPad Pro can already output to a screen, and the OS is on its way.

    My thoughts are two:

    1) Apple would wait till USB4 and move the iPhone and iPad to this due to the bandwidth needs of a dock, so 2021

    2) Could Apple combine all the OS’s they have for iPhone, iPad, and Mac into one OS, but not sure they would as they just split out iPadOS last year. However, maybe the phone does not dock but the iPad could, hence why they split that OS last year. Again, 2021

    • john_m

      In reply to will:

      I can see the technical side of how they could do this but I'm having a harder time coming up with the business case. How does Apple make more profits by having iPads/iPhones run MacOS? They'd be cannibalizing their Mac sales which while small are high profit. Perhaps this could be a way for them to move MacOS apps into their walled garden but that would be a tough sell to the larger app developers.

      • will

        In reply to john_m:

        I never said they would run macOS. iPadOS will continue to evolve into the touch version of macOS and it could become a dockable solution. Yes a laptop would offer more power, but in a way the iPad becomes the light, entry level of computer that can run a ton of apps.

        • jaredthegeek

          In reply to will:

          Most users could do all of their computing needs on an iPad already. If it docked to a full keyboard, mouse, and monitor they would be set. In my enterprise I could probably give 2/3rds of the users a setup like that and they would be fine.

  2. vernonlvincent

    The Verge reported on a laptop dock patent Apple filed in 2017

    It seems like Apple is doing more and more things that make switching from Android to iOS more palatable for me.