MJFChat: Learn to Live: Navigating Choppy Career Waters

Posted on August 12, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts with 3 Comments

This MJFChat is all about staying motivated to keep learning. Special guest Paul Thurrott shares tips and tricks to help navigate today’s choppy career waters.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “MJFChat: Learn to Live: Navigating Choppy Career Waters”

  1. ejuly

    Over the past 20 years MJF hair has gotten better with age and PT's not so much. Looks are everything in the tech world. BTW, my hair is a mess.

  2. mrdrwest

    I was never worried about losing my job because of a technology skills deficit. I'm always learning. I'm adaptable. I got a job with a company that encourages a growth mindset.

    But I don't like (have no interest in) Exchange, SharePoint, O/M 365, green eggs, and ham.

  3. jpwalters

    This was really helpful and interesting. Great tips for overcoming perhaps some of the biggest obstacles in this field -- staying relevant no matter what you do. It's not easy, and I suspect we all falter at times unless you keep somewhat regimented which sounds like a great approach. Unfortunately for me, it comes in spurts. I'll go through a learning phase, and then a phase where life events sort of take over for a while. Aging in this field does have a tendency to wear one down and the appetite for doing it all over again becomes less and less each technical wave.