The Sams Report: The Duo of Game Pass

Posted on August 28, 2020 by Brad Sams in Podcasts, The Sams Report with 2 Comments

On this episode of the Sams Report, Flight Sim 2020 is a hit, Microsoft Teams is blasting out messages, and Xbox is expanding

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “The Sams Report: The Duo of Game Pass”

  1. mmcpher

    I have been wondering about possible accessories for the Duo. It's such a novel form factor and a device without an obvious use-case-scenario that it will be interesting to see if Microsoft can get someone to design something specifically for it. Given the likely relatively small sales volume, I expect accessories would be at a premium. If the Duo is to be an enhanced phone, how will it "fit" in a car? Even the largest phones can work well with a magnetic car mount but it would take some engineering and creativity (and space) to come up with a Duo mount. I know it comes with a bumper, but what about screen protector (which would have to allow the Surface pen to still function) or even a carrying case? Having a few accessories would give potential buyers the sense that the Duo is more than a one-off proof of concept.

  2. ngc224

    Thank you Brad for explicitly saying what you can or cannot talk about while under an NDA. I wish that was the norm with "tech journalism."