What the Tech 243: 4K Readiness

Posted on January 14, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, What The Tech with 0 Comments

In the latest episode of What the Tech, Andrew Zarian and I discuss the coming launch of thurrott.com, next week’s Windows 10 event and what we expect to see, and some thoughts about the timing of the 4K TV revolution.

Running time: 1:07:25



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2 responses to “What the Tech 243: 4K Readiness”

  1. Cave Man

    Speaking of UHD/HD content, Streaming/Downloaded Online Media can and often, looks better than what the cable providers are offering (recent content). I was playing with a buddies new TV; we were watching a basketball game in HD after switched over to the YouTube app and watched some docs from the VICE channel, they looked better than broadcast TV via Verizon FIOS [plain old HD not even that UHD content] (even played with the PIP & side by side features to test the quality of different channels and videos). I see 4K coming to the mainstream Q4 2015; Netflix, Amazon, DirecTv, YouTube, Roku are ready [hello 5K iMac] (so is your smartphone; flagship users!)... now if Xbox Video/iTunes and all the sports broadcasts start being simulcast (or air over the net?) in UHD (Football, Basketball, Olympics, WorldCup, Golf, Racing, Wrestling & MMA) demand will grow exponentially. UHD was like a $25,000 investment 20 months ago (with no content available unless you just so happened to be hanging out with: James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Robert Rodriguez or idk George Lucus; watching the HFR 3D dailies of Avatar 2) now you can get a new Samsung Curved UHD 55in with Netflix 4K and drop less than 10x that [with tax season upon us I bet those 78in 4K 3D Curved Samsungs on display at BestBuys across American will all sell out ..yeah yeah all 3 of em]. Seriously though 1080p should scale perfect into a resolution that is 4x larger, HDMI 2.0 is here built-in these new sets and yeah sure 21:9 ratios are on the rise and 8K is currently being broadcast in S. Korea sure, sure its 2015 and self-tying Nike's & hoverboards do exist as do holograms and flying cars.... but that ish is expensive and currently impractical; 4K UHD that's affordable and here; go get on it.... doh! xbox and playstation I'll just have to save my comments for another rant. everything looks good Paul congrats on the move!
  2. AndrewZarianGFQ

    congrats Paul on the new site!

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