What the Tech 243: 4K Readiness

In the latest episode of What the Tech, Andrew Zarian and I discuss the coming launch of thurrott.com, next week’s Windows 10 event and what we expect to see, and some thoughts about the timing of the 4K TV revolution.

Running time: 1:07:25



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Conversation 2 comments

  • Cave Man

    17 January, 2015 - 12:56 pm

    Speaking of UHD/HD content, Streaming/Downloaded Online Media can and often, looks better than what the cable providers are offering (recent content). I was playing with a buddies new TV; we were watching a basketball game in HD after switched over to the YouTube app and watched some docs from the VICE channel, they looked better than broadcast TV via Verizon FIOS [plain old HD not even that UHD content] (even played with the PIP & side by side features to test the quality of different channels and videos). I see 4K coming to the mainstream Q4 2015; Netflix, Amazon, DirecTv, YouTube, Roku are ready [hello 5K iMac] (so is your smartphone; flagship users!)… now if Xbox Video/iTunes and all the sports broadcasts start being simulcast (or air over the net?) in UHD (Football, Basketball, Olympics, WorldCup, Golf, Racing, Wrestling & MMA) demand will grow exponentially. UHD was like a $25,000 investment 20 months ago (with no content available unless you just so happened to be hanging out with: James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Robert Rodriguez or idk George Lucus; watching the HFR 3D dailies of Avatar 2) now you can get a new Samsung Curved UHD 55in with Netflix 4K and drop less than 10x that [with tax season upon us I bet those 78in 4K 3D Curved Samsungs on display at BestBuys across American will all sell out ..yeah yeah all 3 of em]. Seriously though 1080p should scale perfect into a resolution that is 4x larger, HDMI 2.0 is here built-in these new sets and yeah sure 21:9 ratios are on the rise and 8K is currently being broadcast in S. Korea sure, sure its 2015 and self-tying Nike’s & hoverboards do exist as do holograms and flying cars…. but that ish is expensive and currently impractical; 4K UHD that’s affordable and here; go get on it…. doh! xbox and playstation I’ll just have to save my comments for another rant.
    everything looks good Paul congrats on the move!

  • AndrewZarianGFQ

    17 January, 2015 - 3:01 pm

    congrats Paul on the new site!


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