First Ring Daily 1001: Weather Wives

Posted on February 24, 2021 by Brad Sams in Podcasts, First Ring Daily with 5 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, it’s back to normal and that may not be a good thing, weather will prevail, and Sony makes a few moves.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “First Ring Daily 1001: Weather Wives”

  1. madthinus

    Congratulations on your 1000th episode. Yesterday does not count, the wives did it ?

  2. canamrotax

    This episode just tripled the google searches for "Kiva Dunes".

    Oh, and just so we are all clear, the Pontiac Fiero WAS a terrible car.

  3. atlantapaul

    I wish that I would have asked Stephanie Thurrott about her budding mixology career.

  4. mmcpher

    A couple of points -- 1) IIRC, "the Wives" did mention the weather (they just didn't go on endlessly about it);) 2) they both seemed very comfortable on the podcast; 3) very natural and credible (not overselling); 4) they were both good sports to be willing to do it and then to do it without apparent animus; 5) they, by virtue of their long associations, may have had a lot of training in being good sports; 6) this deep into WFH lockdown/nightmare, they seemed remarkably free of irritation about the continual proximity to working spouses (I guess you guys were early adapters of WFH, long before the pandemic); and 7) at no point during the episode did I have the impression that the podcasters had retained "crisis actors" to play the parts of spouses (the guys they were describing were very recognizably the guys who do FRD). Well done all.

  5. srrlx1986

    Ah yes the Fiero. I almost had one as a first car. 84's were the worst when it had the iron duke 4 cyl and chevette suspension. By the end of its run in 88 it had a decent suspension and an okay v6. Still not a Ferrari though some guys try to make it look like that.