First Ring Daily 1028: Obvious iMessage

Posted on April 9, 2021 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 5 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, Apple says the iMessage part out loud, chicken restaurants, and steamrolling it into the weekend.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “First Ring Daily 1028: Obvious iMessage”

  1. nbplopes

    Well people are tired of spending lots of money and things still not going well. It happens a lot. I think people aren’t than thick when such a comment is made.

  2. john aq

    Your audio is not synced

  3. rbgaynor

    Out of warranty battery replacement for a iPhone Xs is $69 from Apple.

  4. erichk

    Now there's an idea ... my Zune HD is sitting on my dresser in a little pouch, having been unused for quite some time now. I should proudly put it up on a shelf or something. A trophy of what could have been.

  5. Truffles

    I don't really get the argument about imessage. From the perspective of parents, it doesn't matter if they're using imessage or SMS to communicate with their kids because imessage will send and receive SMS entirely transparently to the user.

    I wonder if the email excerpt leaked by Epic was actually a part of a bigger conversation - something along the lines of "It's the kids who want iMessage because it allows them to be included in fun (shrug) visual effect conversations with the friends, so platform exclusivity will make the kids lobby their parents for an iPhone".

    Obviously its just a different strategy for achieving the same ends, but framing it as "Parents are being forced by Apple" is a lot darker than framing it as "Kids want these features and they'll lobby their parents to buy them an iPhone".