First Ring Daily 1066: It’s Eleven Day

Posted on June 24, 2021 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 2 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, it’s Windows 11 day and that’s all you need to know.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “First Ring Daily 1066: It’s Eleven Day”

  1. chuck willemsen

    Bitterly disappointed that both their flagship Surface Studio and Surface Studio 2 devices will not be supported for Windows 11 as they do not meet the needed hardware requirements. However, in the live event video they show it running on Surface Studio devices. It is interesting that they won't support their own top of the line products moving forward yet their own website is still flogging an expensive boat anchor.

  2. bluetoothfairy1

    @Brad & Paul - I haven't heard you guys talk about this on your podcast, but the screenshots Brad showed in his ultimate guide YT video today are riddled with clues: the Widgets slide out pane shows 11:11 as time (obvious), but the date in the Photos widget shows Oct 20. The system time in the screenshots shows 10/20/2021 as a date.... I'm pretty sure that's a wink and a nudge.... If that's not a dead giveaway, I don't know what is.

    Either way, thanks for posting some of the new screenshots. The dark mode looks lovely.