The Sams Report: Windows Forward, Xbox Idle

Posted on September 3, 2021 by Brad Sams in Podcasts, The Sams Report with 4 Comments

On this episode of the Sams Report, Windows is moving forward, Xbox sits idle, and Brad details more about his move.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “The Sams Report: Windows Forward, Xbox Idle”

  1. navarac

    Sorry Brad, Windows 11 is being emasculated.

    As a Stardock Start 10/11 user, I hope Stardock can bring sanity back to the Windows Desktop, and its capabilities. In any case, best of luck in your new venture.

  2. tbtalbot

    For the first time, I'm not upgrading Windows. I like Windows 10. I like the smart tile menu - I use a separate smart tile for my calendar and one for each of my email accounts. I love working that way and am angry the option would be taken from me. I hope Stardock finds a way to restore these features!

  3. tbtalbot

    As an additional comment, I don't like the idea of Windows trying to copy the Mac or an Android phone in its interface. This is misdirected and is a product of Panos Panay's ego.

  4. yb

    Hi Brad

    good luck with the new job!

    I won't be upgrading to Win11; poor eyesight obliges me to change the display and scale to 150%; the taskbar takes 1/2 inch of my screen, the optimal solution: move it sideways. Not possible on Win11.

    second: I use my laptop for work, volunteering, hobbies,& normal use. I have a file management system that doesn't fit with the way Win11 wants me to do,

    third: I use non-Microsoft Apps- updating defaults is a nightmare.

    maybe win11 looks pretty, but, had I installed it, I would have got rid of the background pictures and most of the Microsoft Apps, shaping my Win11 to the way I need it to serve my needs.

    Alas, this is not going to be- Microsoft gave priority to pretty designs rather than substance..

    maybe if Stardock can come up with a good app to address some of those shortcomings...

    anyway, best of wishes

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