Windows 11 Approved for Broad Deployment and ‘One Outlook’ Drops for Insiders

Posted on May 20, 2022 by Russell Smith in Podcasts, This Week in IT with 7 Comments

This week in IT, Microsoft announces that Windows 11 is broadly available, the One Outlook client comes to Office Insiders, and the rest of the week’s IT news.

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This week in IT is a weekly podcast hosted by Petri’s Editorial Director Russell Smith. Each week, Russell rounds up the most important stories for IT pros in a short video.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Windows 11 Approved for Broad Deployment and ‘One Outlook’ Drops for Insiders”

  1. pesos

    Any chance this content will eventually be provided in written form?

    • wpcoe

      I hope so. In general, I don't click on videos, but will take the time to read text.

    • Russell Smith

      Thanks for the feedback. Possibly. But the current goal is to try and grow the YouTube channel. So, that's what we are concentrating on at the moment.

      • pesos

        Thanks Russell. Is that because youtube provides better revenue generation? IMO this type of content is far better in a written format as it is easier to consume while multitasking (pretty much impossible with video format, really), trying to search and look into certain topics in more details, etc. Also hinders ability to link others to certain content. There are certain kinds of things that really lend themselves to a video medium, but the type of content here (at least in this week's video) would be just fine written with one or two screenshots...

        • Russell Smith

          No, it's not that YouTube is necessarily more or less profitable. But Petri needs a prescense on YouTube because so much of the market for tech content is video.

          We'll see how 'This Week in IT' goes. But it's likely we'll supplement it with content that lends itself better to video in the future.

          • pesos

            Thanks Russell. By the way, are we supposed to get some kind of notification that there is a reply to a comment we've made?

            • Russell Smith

              I don't think the current comments system supports notifications. But in the coming months, is moving to a new comments system powered by OpenWeb. So, there should be big improvements on the way!