First Ring Daily 1281: Earnings For Days

Posted on July 29, 2022 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 3 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, everyone else has released their earnings, Microsoft releases many builds of Windows, and Paul drops some pain.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “First Ring Daily 1281: Earnings For Days”

  1. Stabitha.Christie

    Apple called it Fusion Drive.

    • rbgaynor

      Apple announced their Fusion Drive in October of 2012, Intel announced Optane in July of 2015 - seems a little unfair to gripe that "Apple has to have a name for everything" when they were out years earlier.

      • Paul Thurrott

        The timing has nothing to do with it. And it's not a "gripe," it's an observation: Apple does have a name for everything.