Windows Weekly 424: Start Me Up

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Windows Weekly 424: Start Me Up

Windows 10 is here, and I’m in France. And on the latest, 2.5 hour long episode of Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley, and I discuss the Windows 10 launch and not much else. Can Leo get Windows 10 installed before we finish?

Running time: 2:24:09


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Video excerpt

The full episode isn’t up on YouTube yet, but here’s my tip in video form.


Tip of the week: Master Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts for multitasking

You really can control Windows 10 with just your keyboard.

Software pick of the week: Windows 10

You know you want it.

Enterprise pick of the week: Office 2016 for Windows

It’s coming this September, folks!

Codename pick of the week: Redstone

The successor to Threshold (and what comes after TH2) … just don’t call it Windows 11!

Beer pick of the week: Black Raven Brewing Kitty Kat Blues-Infused Pale

A cat-inspired brew made in Redmond in honor of the launch 

AND spotted on the Rattle N Hum wall of fame:

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