Windows Weekly 448: Peanut Butter in Beer Form

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Windows Weekly 448: Peanut Butter in Beer Form

In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss our Microsoft predictions for 2016, a new build of Windows 10, another build sync across Windows 10 for PCs, Mobile, and IoT, 2015 PC sales, Internet Explorer EOL, more on Microsoft’s SIM plans, Skype news, and a peek at the Xbox One Elite controller.

Running time: 1:39:28

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Software picks of the week

Windows 10: Spotbright. Grab this now.

Mac: Outlook 2016 for Mac gets Full Screen View and Split View support

Enterprise pick of the week: R Server is free for developers

Arr! It’s true. There’s a version of Microsoft’s new R Server for big-data analytics that is free to developers who sign up for Microsoft’s free Visual Studio Dev Essentials program.

Codename pick of the week: Mohoro

Remember Mohoro, aka Azure RemoteApp? It’s worth a mention again this week, as MS is working to add support for it to its Remote Desktop app. The company did add Continuum and Win 10 Mobile support to the preview of Remote Desktop this week, though

Beer pick of the week: Ballast Point Victory at Sea Peanut Butter

Take a rich imperial stout with vanilla and coffee beans, add peanut butter. Like the best Reese’s cup you’ve ever had. A really nice version of Ballast Point (San Diego)’s Victory at Sea beer:–peanut-butter/236464/

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