Windows Weekly 462: Don’t Say the B Word

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Windows Weekly 462: Don't Say the B Word

In this episode of Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss Google’s antitrust charges in Europe and how they mirror Microsoft’s earlier problems, Microsoft kills off the Xbox 360, major Surface firmware updates, Windows 10 builds and other news, Microsoft’s education push, the declining PC market, and more.

Running time: 2:09:23

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Tips and picks

AdDuplex mobile app picks of the week: Showbie and Wallhaven

As noted by popularity on AppRaisin, which was just updated with a new dark theme…

Showbie. “Used by over 2 million teachers and students worldwide, Showbie is the fastest, easiest, and most effective app for assignments and feedback in your Windows 10 classroom” … An iPad classic comes to Windows 10 for PCs.

Wallhaven. Wallhaven Alpha is a gateway to the popular wallpaper hub This app allows you to search for wallpapers, view latest or random wallpapers, favorite, save, set your wallpaper or lockscreen and even dynamically set your wallpaper/lockscreen/live tile with a random image at specified intervals. It’s free and ad-supported, or you can pay 99 cents for no ads.

Mo’ app picks

Plus: Microsoft (apparently) adds Android Watch support to Outlook Mobile

Plus: Google Play Music finally picks up podcast support

Plus: (MJF) Visual Studio Code hits 1.0

Enterprise pick of the week: SQL Server 2016

The latest version of Microsoft’s SQL Server database is inching closer. Now in its fourth and final release candidate stage. In related enterprise news, BizTalk Server 2016 is now available in CTP1 form. It’s due this Fall.

Codename pick of the week: Hydra

A blast from the Dave Cutler past. Hydra was the codename of the Hypervisor layer in the Xbox One OS that Cutler built. The OS/partitions were the heads. More on Cutler, who was just made a Computer History Museum fellow:

Beer pick of the week: Port City Optimal Wit

“It tastes like sunshine and happiness,” says Brad Sams. For all you witbier/Belgian style white beer fans, here’s a good one from Alexandria, Virginia.  Nice beer for Spring. (I was going to pick for today Stone Brewing’s Enjoy by 4.20, but enough of the wicked weed!)


MS earnings (FY 16 Q3) are tomorrow. 4.21

MJF, Brad and Daniel Rubino are doing a Reddit AMA about Windows Phone on Friday 4.22.

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