Windows Weekly 436: A Lumpy Bucket of Features

Windows Weekly 436: A Lumpy Bucket of Features

In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss breaking news about the Windows 10 Fall Update, our Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and Surface Dock reviews, two new Windows 10 Mobile builds, the New Xbox One Experience, and much, much more.

Running time: 2:16:34

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Tip of the week: Surface Pro 3 user? Here’s what you should do about the new SP4 and Surface Book

And it doesn’t involve spending $2000.

Software pick of the week: MarkdownPad

I can’t believe it, but I’ve switched all of my writing to Markdown and am using MarkdownPad as my new word processor/editor.

Enterprise pick of the week: MS cloud in a box, take two

Dell, MS team on a new hybrid server:

Codename pick of the week: San Diego

This was the codename for cloud in the box v. 1:

Beer pick of the week: Five Points Brewing London Smoke

In honor of PT and MJF coming to Manchester and London next month,  how about another British Beer Pick? This is a really nicely smoked porter:

Our event in Manchester (where we will do WW live on Nov. 19):

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