The Sams Report EP 62: Microsoft and Apple Make The Pitch

Posted on October 28, 2016 by Brad Sams in Podcasts, The Sams Report with 4 Comments

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The Sams Report is a weekly podcast that dives deep into the world of Microsoft. With the company transforming the way it operates and Nadella putting his own touch on all aspects of the organization, the Sams Report breaks down the news and offers insight from insider sources.

Another busy week in the world of technology and on this episode of The Sams Report, I cover Microsoft’s big event this week, Apple’s big event and everything else that created big headlines.

If you have any questions, you can join the chat room or find me on Twitter @bdsams.

You can find an audio replay, here.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “The Sams Report EP 62: Microsoft and Apple Make The Pitch”

  1. 774

    One less dongle: Apple is selling USB-C to Lightning cables (in 1 and 2 meter lengths) for plugging in your iPhone/iPad.

  2. 1792

    A generous word is "aspirational". For business and the consumer there was somewhere between little and nothing in this. 

    Of course all of this is Apple-like cutting edge hyper expensive innovation. However for the average consumer they are not looking at a Surface AIO since other manufacturers do consumer solution much cheaper. If you are graphic artist you have traditionally gone to Apple so this may move Microsoft into that market. 

    Surface Book is a good update but I think many wanted a Surface Ultrabook all along. I wonder how business would like a "creator update". Business might be confused by what's in it for them.

    Usual Microsoft event where Windowsphone wasn't mentioned. No change there.

    It was great technology and the headline products sound wonderful. Great high end announcements. Possibly the strategy is a Apple like premium product idea where partners make the consumer and business PCs for most people.