First Ring Daily Live: The Noise Before The Tryptophan

Posted on November 18, 2016 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 5 Comments

It’s Friday which means it is time for First Ring Daily Live, on today’s show we talk about the future of Cortana, Windows Phone and a lot more.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “First Ring Daily Live: The Noise Before The Tryptophan”

  1. 127

    Morning Brad. Good afternoon Paul

  2. 1433

    Thanks for the show. :) I was glad to know that the Friday live time was around 10pm in Japan. Loved it!

  3. 514

    The problem is that "win32" is much larger than just win32.  Look at the following site that outlines all the things you need for desktop compatibility:

    Some of these will never be moved into a UWP environment.  And many many LOB apps depend on this stuff.  WinRT started out with a couple of hundred API calls -- now it has thousands, and even with all that it is a small fraction of what goes under the rubric of "win32".  Some stuff like COM, DCOM, COM+ fly in the face of security considerations underlying the winrt API. 

    Business/financial considerations will determine that most legacy apps will never move to the winrt API.  I too have no suggestions, but if you want to play in the enterprise space, backwards compatibility is a must. 

  4. 3494

    Maybe I missed it but is there a way you can post when the live feed time changes?

  5. 422

    Hi guys, maybe this has been resolved before, but is there a way to get this in podcast form? RSS feed above does not update for me for some time and it says it is only live friday shows...




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