First Ring Daily 400: Avast Ye Dimensions

Posted on April 9, 2018 by Brad Sams in First Ring Daily, Podcasts with 4 Comments

On this episode of First Ring Daily, Brad has good news about Skype and To-Do, Paul has some resolutions, and the weather is finally heating up.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “First Ring Daily 400: Avast Ye Dimensions”

  1. Maktaba

    "Steps" (subtasks) have been added in the Windows 10 version of To-Do as well, which is news because we are used to see new features on iOS and Android versions of Microsoft apps before the Windows 10 version.

  2. Simard57

    why is Brads video so much better than Pauls. Is Paul's video fuzzy because he is in the Witness Protection Program?

  3. jpwalters

    Totally onboard with the 3:2 concept! I wish the new XPS 15 2-in-1 would have adopted that. I'm over the 16:9 ratio (and beyond), especially in dual monitor setups. I had tried triple HP zr24w's, that was great for gaming, but too much wasted space flipping between screens. Could never get the monitor stand to perfectly align them. I could only find myself working on 2 of the 3 screens. But what did I do? Go down to 2 x U3417W's with a 21:9. Thought the curvature would help and the small bezels would be a more continuous experience. I liked the promises of better gaming! It's not better for productivity though, it's worse! I failed to account for an even larger aspect ratio. The far extents of either screen is too far read clearly! The best setup I had for productivity may have been 2 Dell 2001FPs. 1600x1200 resolution and a nice 21" square. I still have them in my basement, can't imagine parting with them because they were one of the last monitors to feature composite inputs. But my point is really that there's something natural about the 3:2 format.

  4. Maesh

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