What The Tech Ep. 345: Project Scorpio Will Support Mixed Reality

Posted on March 3, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, What The Tech with 2 Comments

Andrew and I discuss Microsoft’s hints about mixed reality on Project Scorpio, YouTube TV, and Dell’s new XPS 15 laptop.

Running time: 1:00:06

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “What The Tech Ep. 345: Project Scorpio Will Support Mixed Reality”

  1. matsan

    Wow guys - you are talking about future updates to products that are not even released... I sure hope Microsoft won't be under-delivering your goodies.

  2. nbplopes

    I find it impressive that the home broadband in the US is so tight and costs so much. Considering that the majority of digital services are US based added that companies like Apple, Microsoft and other mainly target the US its puzzling.

    Here in Portugal, and I know other European countries is the same if not better, I have 208Mbis download and 100Mbits upload, just tested it in the MacBook Pro over wireless.

    As for the future of TV, I think being so granular as paying by series does not work. Personally I would not have the time to pin point which series I want to watch, than buy it so on and so forth.

    I think carrier billing and TV apps is the way to go (Netflix, Amazon, Youtube so on and so forth). Unfortunately the only payed digital service we have in Portugal within this lines is Netflix. Carrier billing only makes sense if lowers the cost of broadband by providing carriers other sources of income, otherwise it does not make much sense from a customer and digital TV service perspective. Simply put US cable/digital netwotking don't like making good broadband accessible, so carrier billing its just a surplus for them.

    As for the case of looking forward to UPDATES of products that have not even been released and actually be intellectual about it... I find it an achievement of MS Marketing, absolutely incredible. If it was some Apple guy articulating stuff in the same line yet for Apple his brain would probably be frowned upon. They do exist though.

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