Dumbing Down MacOS – What The Tech Ep. 475

Posted on July 3, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, What The Tech with 7 Comments

Andrew and Paul discuss the latest Apple news/rumors in the wake of WWDC, why Microsoft should be copying Apple, the new Windows 10 Start menu, and more.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Dumbing Down MacOS – What The Tech Ep. 475”

  1. oscar1

    Triumph of the Nerds and Steve Jobs said taste, not class. Jeez, Paul, get it right. ;p

  2. erichk

    On a whim I just bought a nice refurbished HP ProDesk with a Core i5 and 8 GB of RAM ... it came with Windows 10 of course but I'm going to see what happens when I dual boot with Zorin OS. They advertise as being sort of a Windows (and even Mac) alternative. I'm really eager to try it out.

  3. nbplopes

    As far as competition goes conglomerates like the one of Apple, Google, Microsoft ... just to name there of the most well know, present a big challenge to specialised service companies like Slack, Spotify, Netflix ... so on and so forth ... Conglomerates can leverage on distinct and different parts of this business system to leverage others, no to only though financing but bundling. Microsoft has been doing that for decades.

    These conglomerates using sophisticated financial maths can basically sell a subject at a loss because they will win with some other subject related though the system (bundling/suits, integrated systems ...or whatever). They do that until they wipeout the competition on that specific subject dry and then rise prices again or lower the quality of the product to reduce production costs and move their teams to another hot subject ... some to the point of leaving stuff looking unfinished ... but than the customer is hooked as it becomes legacy so hard too move on to a fading competition even if their product may be better.

    Google has been heavily criticised to the point of some are thinking about restructuring the company into multiple companies. Don't know much about how these things are done, but it seams to me that whatever is the principle they may use to justify this move I'm sure the same can be applied to other conglomerates. Otherwise the solution will create more problems than it solves because conglomerates do compete with each other too, oh so they compete.

    Just the other day I read an article were the subject of Google paying Apple billions to be the default search engine in iOS was hurting the competition. But Bing is the default browser in Edge, so I guess that if Apple had their own search engine wouldn't be much of a competition problem ....

  4. red77star

    And that's why Apple will never crack 10% of the market with Mac. Windows 2000 Pro and Windows Vista are two best Windows OS and two OS with the most consistent interface. And why Microsoft went off from Windows Vista into abomination interface with Windows 10 is beyond me.

    • Paul Thurrott

      Please stop commenting with the same nonsense again and again. Repetition doesn't make nonsense a fact.
  5. datameister

    2:20 - No. I think saying "pretty good" for non-personal interactions is fine. It's a simple answer that fits the question. "Better than I should be" definitely implies more than it says and is definitely a little catch phrasey.

  6. justme

    OK, I am genuinely curious: what version of Linux are you running, and on what hardware, that you dont have touch working?

    For me, its been working out of the box for a while - both on my SP3, and my current 13" HP Envy. For reference, I'm currently running Pop!_OS 20.04 (an Ubuntu spin)