Surface Duo or Do Not? – What The Tech Ep. 478

Posted on August 21, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, What The Tech with 6 Comments

Andrew and Paul discuss Surface Duo and its possible use cases, the new Xbox Dashboard, and which companies might buy TikTok and Arm.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Surface Duo or Do Not? – What The Tech Ep. 478”

  1. dstrack

    I pre-ordered the Duo. The things it's missing like a great camera and wireless charging will definitely be missed. I currently use a Samsung Note 10+ 5G. I love the pen and big screen... but the dual screen will enhance my productivity so much more as I use multiple apps all the time. While I am working "from home" I am traveling often and moving between locations often. I do have my Surface Book 2 with me often however the Duo will definitely enhance my productivity in my mind. I'm so looking forward to it. Incidentally I swapped my Samsung buds out for the Surface buds and enjoying them (although I wish they had them in the Surface silver instead of white).

  2. jbinct

    I will buy an Android smartphone made by the Surface team with hardware that competes with Pixel, Galaxy, and iPhone and includes MS apps as default apps. Seems like a simple money maker for them that would fit in the Surface line.

  3. dbrunner

    I pre-ordered one as well. A large screen that I can carry in my pocket is great. I need the real estate. I remote my servers while on the run. Look at spreadsheets. It might not be a perfect first device, but why not release it and then make it better.

  4. steam960

    We are ordering this device as replacement for our HP Élite X3 systems. The Duo apparently is out in front of anything pocketable and currently available for productivity in working in Microsoft 365; our company lives there, and so do many of our customers. After all, the best phone camera on the market is still mediocre as far as cameras go, and pictures are not the reason for the Duo; the main reason is the slick speed and versatility of 365 in a dual screen mobile environment. I mean making Android apps work like Windows apps? Very cool, and Android 10 (and probably 11) are cheaper and simpler to deploy in mobile right now than Windows 10X. I am expecting a future generation of the Duo running Windows 10X once the right Qualcomm or Intel processor and championship battery system are developed.

  5. Rob_Wade

    As a Lean Six Sigma black belt, I always ask the questions "what problem is them supposedly the countermeasure for?" and "who is the customer?" Paul expressed exactly the same issues I have. I got rid of my laptop by switching to Surface Pro tablets. If I want to be ACTUALLY productive, the SP is what makes sense to me. I can do MOST of the things I use the SP for on my smartphone. The smartphone I have easily fits in my pocket. There's no way that Duo fits in my pocket or is as convenient, and it's impossible that it could be anywhere near as productive as my SP. It simply can't. My wife has a Surface Go and, while it's cool and all, it simply can't meet my productivity needs at only 10".

    The Duo is a bad idea that solves no problems and potential presents more problems. And it's just plain ugly and expensive. I don't get how anyone justifies buying one. Other than they have a lot of disposable cash and just like having the Next Big Thing.

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