Apple Watch Series 6 & Playstation 5 Pricing – What The Tech Ep. 482

Posted on September 19, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, What The Tech with 2 Comments

Andrew and Paul discuss the release of iOS 14, Paul’s Apple Watch preorder, Sony’s PS5 pricing announcement, and the LG Wing.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Apple Watch Series 6 & Playstation 5 Pricing – What The Tech Ep. 482”

  1. siverwav

    Hi Paul, re your iPhone icon annoyance, a few workarounds...

    iOS 13: How to Easily Add Blank Icons to Your iPhone Home Screen

    It’s a little trick, but it’s simple enough to do and can be employed in seconds on any home screen. Is there a catch? Well, only one, in this simplified tutorial anyway – you’d need to switch to using a plain black home screen wallpaper (only on the home screen, not the lock screen, note), as shown above. Sounds dull, but on the iPhones that have an AMOLED screen in particular, the ‘infinite black’ background actually looks stunning.

    If you’re particularly inclined towards a fancier wallpaper then you can still make progress, by the way. A couple of years ago we linked to an Internet page offering custom dummy icons for specific spots in an uploaded wallpaper of your choice and this system still works, but it’s way, way fiddlier, and you have to have your layout all worked out ahead of time. Much simpler, at least while playing with the idea, is to go ‘all black’ and feel your way into where you’d like the gaps!

    In my case, in the screenshot above, I wanted to give the eye a break halfway down the main home screen, in particular leading the eye (and finger!) to the main app groups that I use daily. It’s quick and elegant.

    Just as with the linked (old) article above, the core idea is to make use of iOS’ facility add a Safari bookmark to a home screen, with the icon used being the ‘favicon’ of the appropriate page. (‘Favicons’ are the little logos that appear in desktop browsers on the left of the URL bar.) And, in this case, there are several web pages set up by developers that deliberately offer an ‘all black’ favicon, for just this type of gentle hack.


    OR a really OTT “Down the rabbit hole” solution:


    OR use Widgetsmith and use the blank option.



  2. Maverick010

    Andrew "You can connect it to a collar that shocks them. Is that what you are suggesting?" ? That was a hilarious moment