Windows Weekly 549: Our Yearly Visit with Chris Capossela

Posted on December 21, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 4 Comments

In keeping with our annual tradition, Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela joins us for the last live episode of 2017!

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: My favorite podcasts, audiobooks, and mobile apps of 2017

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App pick of the week: Oxenfree

One of my previous game picks is free now on the PC! Thanks to Len via email

Enterprise pick of the week: Add AI and stir: MS brings new AI-powered features to O365, Bing, Cortana

More smarts come to a variety of MS products and services

Enterprise pick no. 2 (just cause you need a nice holiday gift): MS to cut prices by up to more than 50% on its Hadoop service

Wooohoo. Everybody drink!

Beer pick of the week: Ninkasi Ground Control (2017)

Star anise, cocoa nibs, Oregon hazelnuts, aged in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels … and brewed with yeast sent up in space? Check. If you see bottles or draft of Ground Control imperial stout bourbon barrel, it’s an excellent holiday sipper. (Thanks to Ninkasi for sending me one to try!)


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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Windows Weekly 549: Our Yearly Visit with Chris Capossela”

  1. Roger Ramjet

    Great interview, great job, Paul & Mary Jo.

    I have to imagine this is a tough gig. How are you ever gonna be some bulldog reporter or keep at tough questions for someone this nice of a human being?

    That said, I think Microsoft may be misinterpreting the tech modus a bit. It's fail-fast, not just, er, "fail". If you are failing slowly, you are just gonna be a failure. This may be the difference between Microsoft's recent situations, and Bezos whom he sited. If you are gonna do really big things, taking big risks knowing some of them will fail, you gotta also give yourself a chance for big successes by coming out real early, real fast because you are in competition with those who, if they get there before you and they succeeded, they are never gonna let go. If you are slow, you just exponentially increased the odds of "fail" in that situation.

    Microsoft are you reading me... F-A-S-T? Since, um, Chris seems to read here a lot.... :-), but still truly a nice touch.

    Add: I guess the above is why they do Microsoft Garage, so good step there. But this must be brought into the heart of big bets. Those are the things that move the needle.

  2. Jeff_S

    These casts with Chris are always the best!

    This guy seems so damned honest, and passionate.

    He needs to be MS spokesperson. Great guy!


  3. Jules Wombat

    Chris pretty well confirmed that, whilst Microsoft would love to compete in the consumer space, they are up against the major players [Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon], where Microsoft cannot really compete effectively to make their offerings make any business sense. Hence why they are withdrawing from the consumer space. So he is basically admitting, that apart form Xbox, Microsoft future is now firmly in the Enterprise and Cloud Services. Pretty disappointing response on Cortana global roll out being so difficult for Microsoft, when Google find it pretty easy.