Windows Weekly 569: Build

Posted on May 9, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 3 Comments

In this special—and technically challenged—episode, Tom Warren and Peter Bright join us live in Seattle to report on Build 2018.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Windows Weekly 569: Build”

  1. Dan1986ist

    Which was longer, the Day 1 Build Keynote or the livestream for this week's Windows Weekly?

  2. John Scott

    I guess my only comment is I don't find any of Build that interesting from a consumer point. I give the press credit for reporting the highlights so I can skip the boring stuff. But because its rather developer focus whereas Google and Apple are press and user focus. I think the public interest in build is very much muted. Which doesn't really help Microsoft get its message out to people. Yeah developers probably read more about build then users or the public in general.

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