Axe Box – Windows Weekly 624

Posted on June 6, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Podcasts, Windows Weekly with 2 Comments

Leo, Mary Jo, and Paul discuss Microsoft at WWDC 2019, U.S. vs. Big Tech, tons of Windows 10 and Xbox news, and much more.

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Tips and picks

Tip of the week: “Greatest” Xbox sale of the week is on

Every year, they do this. This year, they’re doing it again

App pick of the week: Sigil

DOOM co-creator John Romero has just released a new MegaWAD for the original (1993) DOOM! It’s called Sigil. Of course, you’ll need the original DOOM ($6, I recommend GOG) and some way of making it look better on a modern Windows PC. I recommend GZDOOM.

Plus: Firefox now enables tracking protection by default

Enterprise pick of the week: Skype (consumer) federation likely coming to Teams

It’s back on the “under consideration” list

Codename pick of the week: “Teams for Life”

Microsoft is continuing to wrestle with how to make its business products and services more interesting to (pro)sumers. Sounds like they’re trying to make a case for families and friends using Teams – basically to combat WhatsApp. It’s known (for now) as “Teams for Life.”

Beer pick of the week: Oedipus Brewing Offline white ale

A pick from a Dutch-based craft brewery: Oedipus in Amsterdam. This Oedipus Offline is a dry hopped wit that’s easy drinking and ready for those who want to unplug.


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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Axe Box – Windows Weekly 624”

  1. Bats

    Microsoft's response to the Mac ads were the Jerry Seinfeld commercials. I think it was called Windows without Walls. It wasn't the Mojave experiment

  2. BlackForestHam

    Leo: [something stupid]

    Paul: "I'm not sure..."

    MaryJo: [vapid silent smile]